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"Zhi" Qingyun fanyao will "meet the parents" emotion to the Qingyun cited speculation Zhi _18 > > > click on the video to watch "Tencent, Tencent Qingyun Zhi" entertainment news by Li Yifeng starring costume drama "Xian Xia Zhi" is hit in qingyun. Previously, CP has repeatedly fanyao zeroing, staged a son-in-law of the father to see the drama in the latest episode of drama is more concentrated. With fanyao two people feeling better and better, the external pressure increases, due to family status to see the heart will continue to deepen, the audience side "anthomaniac" at the same time, side pinching a sweat for two people’s emotional development. Fanyao CP sweet love upgrade steadily and students who love Yao started when Zhang Xiaofan first came down the stunning first, the feelings between the two men as long as the development process of the audience, sweet and delicate. In Chongqing City Opera, let Xiao saw Baguio reveal the truth, two people look at each other like a handle of Shenxianjuanlv, hazy love perhaps at the moment bud. Since then, two people repeatedly tell each other secrets, share feelings, "reduced the same person" the fate of two people Freemasonry each other, add a bit of pity. For the protection of small Baguio was seriously injured, the phrase "I this lifetime finally by my power to protect a person" to Baguio deeply touched, also let the audience in the deep heart of countless small, this time from death to life experience, let Zhang Xiaofan and Baguio than an indescribable sense of trust. Wait until the "bun event" is the two The case is entirely cleared., people’s feelings to a climax, Zhang Xiaofan fancy confession, said the love of his life is implicit in baguio. The Zhang Xiaofan is the unexpected "father to see" fanyao intimacy upgrade, friends shouted "you parents see, how not to get!" Is the magic conflicts two people emotional development is a mystery Baguio Zhang Xiaofan true love, two people in the play is sometimes sugar, but in fact is the magic battle as early as two people love the rough road foreshadowed, with the development of the story, which is always magic conflict between the two will intensify. "Father of a magic is discussed, let Xiao had to face has been avoided, and get along not only by the Baguio sects, more pressure from the side of the friends and relatives to dissuade. The contradiction between the two sides how to overcome two triggered at any moment, ingrained prejudice and ultimately stay together? Child heart story the audience of this quarrelsome lovers emotion towards full of curiosity and questions. Has been in love two people watch users also expressed their concern of love, "Yao who has fallen into the pit, begged writers not abuse, since love, why not together?" Where the Yao couple will be regarded as the world of love, two people affectionate tenderness on the single dog has caused a total of ten thousand damage. But with the follow-up story aired, two people will face daunting challenges, emotion will also love to abuse the heart striking one snag after another, presumably will make many viewers feel bad.相关的主题文章: