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Zhengzhou rare girl sushi, even the box can harvest a fan! Sohu and "Wind River sushi boat into Zhengzhou" · the one and only · it is rare in Zhengzhou SUSHI BOAT · · screaming girls; the hardest hit by the fall, Yan burst table values to · hi hi · take out call, a big weapon sushi boat into your home outside the bag, high-heeled shoes lipstick, boys coax female ticket when sushi takeout to the office when the Wind River Office of Xiongben could not suppress the body force rushed out! In order to high value Yan sushi, Gao Yan a chowhound cannot let two bear murder memory card value not to be taken out of the 256G iphone7 Plus with hate! Pa! Pa! Red Net sushi is such a high-profile love super skilled sushi techniques, knowledgeable people know on the material master can have such practices pinched off than we eat sushi Steamed Rice also Duodami plump white and flawless, steamed crystal surface with a layer of soft bright luster, romantic taste glutinous in Hong Kong not bad with proper tenacity double really, every man would like to thank the invention can enrich sushi style small fresh, but the price is low one hundred or two hundred is not much, two hundred or three hundred is not absolute and will not abandon your girls to the high school students to work family can afford a holiday the ship, a box of coax her happy birthday again when a box, a box is key to apologize to taste more, life does not eat greasy?? luxury meal from foreign imports of three pure sea The fish river wind every day to buy fresh ingredients and clear lines crossing salmon exquisite sea double classic double meal bestie, in order to have it boyfriend together four four classic luxury meal meal high force Carnival river wind, big birthday party party Carnival choose it, the key is to call takeaway packaging bag ensure fresh ingredients, pink box Cherry spilling on the Wind River Fine sushi address: jinshuiqu the Yellow River Lu Yao Zhailu intersection Kim Times Square Building 4, No. 118 Tel: 17719865122, 0371-63223700: 60 yuan per capita相关的主题文章: