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Zhejiang Suichang Landslides: Su Village watch "sleepless night" – Beijing, Beijing in September 29 Lishui Xinhua (reporter Shao Yanfei Xi Jinyan trainee reporter Li Tingting Li Qianqian) after the dark night, scattered light, restless rain — a disaster, was buried Haruki Su village only excavator and engine roar, the rest are dead. The typhoon "catfish effect", September 28th at 17:28 PM, Haruki Su Village natural village north of town of Zhejiang city of Lishui province Suichang County landslides. The ancient village surrounded by mountains, no longer calm. Mountains fall, huge loess mudflow roared down on more than 20 houses. At present, the official confirmed to have lost 27 people, including 26 people, 1 town cadres. After more than 4 hours of driving speed, the reporter arrived in on the evening of 23, arrived at the north end of the town of Suichang county. Haruki, 58, a villager in the village of Su Guohong, witnessed the disaster. At that time the town cadres just to arrange for us to transfer, I sat at the door, suddenly heard the sound, found the sediment falling from the top of the hill, followed by massive stones’ rumbling ‘drop down, the road is cracking." Su Guohong told reporters, panic he immediately ran away, to the safe location after the foot was found only one shoe. He looked up and found that only less than two minutes, the house under the mountain as the building blocks fall down, instantly swallowed. Not far from the scene of the northern boundary of the town hall of culture, has become the village’s disaster shelters. Reporters in the resettlement site to see the scene neatly placed dozens of quilts, most villagers curled up in the quilt heating. The corner, a middle-aged man with his hands folded on bended knee, his face for a long time. "My brother and his wife, and their 5 year old granddaughter, haven’t found it yet……" The face of a reporter’s inquiry, the silence for a long time a man opening, thus revealing a choking sound hoarse. He called Su Guangao (a pseudonym), is a village in the Su Village, after hearing the news, he immediately rushed to the Su village of Haruki, but could not see him with loved ones. "My child is still in there, what can I do?……" Not far away, an old woman’s voice was unbearable to hear. Reporters from her side to accompany the Lishui Second People’s Hospital volunteers Lin Yan (a pseudonym) learned that the grandmother’s son, daughter and grandson in the landslide were not able to escape in time. Because of grief, grandma is not dripping into the afternoon from the start. It is a 3 point night, the rain did not stop, the wind blowing, shrouded in the darkness of the settlements lights. Tonight, is destined to be a sleepless night "Su village". (end)相关的主题文章: