Zhao Liying sun ten years ago according to the old eyes sentimental cute (Figure) plants war

Zhao Liying sun ten years ago according to the old eyes sentimental cute (Figure) according to the old Zhao Liying Zhao Liying Sina entertainment news August 31st, Zhao Liying [micro-blog] drying out ten years ago when he starred in the television series "golden" Studio Photos, and with the text said: "another ten years, hope that you are well. Fortunately, I did not change. Zhao Liying # 0902# "ten years of our chart comb with two tails, wearing a yellow floral shirt, in the full sense, grin, sentimental cute. In the "golden", Zhao Liying played three year old daughter 14~17 Tong a lot, at the time of the bone is only 19 years old, or childish face, although few scenes, but also develops very seriously. In addition to ten years ago, the old photos, Zhao Liying also drying out of the film starring her "our ten years" poster, in which she kept a neat short hair, a tomboy look like, very simple and lovely. It is reported that, "our ten years" is a youth campus romance, directed by Ma Weihao, Zhao Liying, Liu, Qiao Renliang, Wu Yingjie [micro-blog] [micro-blog] who starred in. The film will be released in mainland China in September 2, 2016. Zhao Liying in the film plays a simple tomboy Zhang Jing. Fans commented: "I am now in a mood like a pair of ten years did not meet the old lover, excited!" "It was very sentimental! But it’s always beautiful." "From golden to ten years, to the rouge, you are always adhere to the dream actor Zhao Liying." (Intern Qian Xunwen) (commissioning editor: Gracetot)相关的主题文章: