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Zhang Yuancong: the dollar climbed down Gold & Oil straddle showdown clients view the latest market in September approaching, one of the most concerned topic on the market, whether it is the Federal Reserve in the next month will start raising interest rates. Friday’s August non farm report is the financial markets are waiting for heavy data, the data for the fed to raise interest rates next to determine the timing of an important impact. Therefore, investors are relatively cautious attitude of the current transaction, are looking forward to the future of non farm payrolls guidelines for gold prices, so in the short term, the trend of gold prices or continue. Last night, the United States announced the economy better than expected, and the Fed vice chairman Fisher said the Fed rate hike will depend on the pace of economic performance, tend to raise interest rates earlier, boost the United States that ascribed to the recent week high, which means that the price of gold will remain under pressure below the previous low of 1311, the lowest 1308 tentative position to stabilize. Tonight, ADP data is about to be announced, as non farm forward-looking data, in particular, need to focus on, which is the first week of the opening of non farm super week sequence. Crude oil, by the strong dollar, excess supply concerns and API crude oil inventories increased pressure, but the threat of a storm to limit the decline in oil prices, oil prices are still lack of action. API crude oil inventories last week recorded the largest increase in four months, this week continued increasing trend; although the growth rate slightly less than expected, and Cushing crude oil inventories and gasoline inventories have declined, but the refined oil increased nearly 3 million barrels of oil, the first reaction is to expand the natural decline earlier. In addition, the market generally believes that OPEC will not reach a freeze production agreement, OPEC is always in the production of frozen resolution to play the wolf game. This practice will eventually lose faith in investors. OPEC will not reach an agreement in the next two years, unless the United States can solve the problem of shale oil prices. Wednesday to invest in crude oil asphalt focus on the evening 22:30 EIA crude oil inventory report. Spot gold daily received a slightly on the column under the shadow of the bardo. Today, ADP data released on Wednesday, the market is bound to not small, it can be said that the trend of gold tonight, you can respond from a certain level of non farm Friday night gold trend. The price of gold under the lowest breakdown brin rail support dropping 1309 line, the average period to maintain a short order, MACD wire Sicha continue, green column volume, random Sicha momentum has attenuation, form a slight departure from the trend of the daily bearish K-line, do not chase empty. 4 hours, the continuous decline of Yin Yin, multiple K arrangement shows weak, good morning Yang charge stabilized rebound column, and this before a potential negative column formed engulfed, short-term moving average has improved, short cycle index Guaitou on peatlands, need to support 4 hours to see a rebound. Not looking at the weak chase empty, the morning market fell to low after two months did not go, and 4 hour and 1 hour line gains steady, and the 1309 line is the key trend line support, and today is the last day on line operation, Zhang Yuancong reminded the possible days of a small wave rally. Spot gold to do a single point: 1, the first line of more than 13121310, stop at 1308, target of 13201.相关的主题文章: