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Zhang Yimou and Liu Bing love fairies to attend the "the Great Wall" – Sohu Liu Bing entertainment released a white dress to attend the "the Great Wall" conference director Zhang Yimou and James female lieutenant Liu Bing Sohu entertainment news November 15th, directed by Zhang Yimou’s "the Great Wall" held in Beijing "five army concentrated point Xiongguan" conference. Actor Andy Lau, Tian Jing, and newcomer Liu Bing Luhan full debut in the five conference. King Zhang Yimou new film Liu Bing white dress appearance, temperament elegant, Xian Qi xiren. "The Great Wall" is Liu Bing’s first work. This is the 94 year of the girls in the play, with a ballet career for the past 8 years, with a slender figure, artistic temperament. Zhang Yimou is very picky about the director’s choice, as he himself said: "I chose to play the performance of the Department of Beijing Film Academy than the exam is still difficult". In five the first group crane team chose angle, James is 8 years old fairy dance skills featuring Liu Bing crane team female lieutenant. It is reported that Zhang Yimou director had to be able to play the role of the role of some worry about Liu Bing. Because of this role is an agile and brave female lieutenant, a great contrast with Liu Bing sweet appearance and personality. But also because of Liu Bing’s childhood ballet, who comes with hard-working spirit, also has a professional dancer understanding and explosive force. The new Liu Bingliang "the Great Wall" Liu Bing said in a press conference the red carpet scene to rescue general Tian Jing, the original design is after her landing buffer steps then crossed attack monster, Liu Bing in order to put the crane’s elegant and neatly reflected more lifelike, directly hanging WIA from the volley, assassination, action beautiful peerless, show strong dance skills, shot by director Zhang Yimou once through. "The Great Wall" conference, stars, generals gathered, Zhang Yimou affirmed the "new the Great Wall" in all outstanding performance, especially the new Liu Bing, director Zhang Yimou also clearly remember her in the "the Great Wall" in the clothing and appearance, and encouraged her to play acting training to "no" scenario, James Zhang Yimou on their own this will be a great interest, so sure of her future. In December 16, 2016, the movie "the Great Wall" will be released, the new director Zhang Yimou James Liu Bing can bring the audience what kind of surprise? Coming soon!相关的主题文章: