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Yuan Hong Zhang Jingchu Xinyi Zhang: "the screen group CP used to say that good entertainment Sohu" – Yuan Hong affectionate confession Zhang Jingchu Zhang Jingchu Xinyi Zhang Yuan Hong hilarious scene interactive entertainment news Sohu (since November 3rd, Zhuang Xiuwen) "we love it" launch press conference held in Beijing, director Liu Jiang and producer Tong Wang with six starring Zhang Jingchu, Xinyi Zhang, Lan Qin, Yuan Hong, Ming, Zhang Lin full debut?. The play will be landing in Hunan TV Golden theater broadcast only in November 7th. In fact, Xinyi Zhang and Yuan Hong are husband and wife in the play, Xinyi Zhang is love and not love, watched his men love her bestie. For the play is assured Yuan Hong handed over to Zhang Jingchu, said: "who does not rest assured, who knows?" " There is nothing to worry about. Take it, used to say." "We love it" is the "companion" let’s get married, is director Liu Jiang after a lapse of three years after another masterpiece. Many viewers of his work known as the "matchmaker", after taking "let’s get married", Gao Yuanyuan married, finished "we love it", Xinyi Zhang Yuan Hong is married. Director Liu Jiang’s work, is very happy "". However, in the drama, Yuan Hong and Xinyi Zhang, although the husband and wife, but in the play, but she can not love the love of Yuan Hong, Xinyi Zhang. The continuation of Xinyi Zhang in her life "elder sister" female man breath, on the living room next to the kitchen, and very cheerful loyalty. For this role, Xinyi Zhang said: "Pan Zhizhi is a love for life, for love to die, you can pay for love and dedication of a living in love girl." Many people worry that the "sister" in the play may be a bit awkward, after all in the life of her husband, the play is in love with someone else. In this regard, Xinyi Zhang responded: "frank Yuan Hong picked up, I in this play it was not too difficult, because the character is very wonderful, thanks to director Liu Jiang put this like fire to me. I am very happy in the whole process, it is because I am in the drama are in love, my home is in love with him, I love him in acting, so I think I am Pan Zhizhi, has been living in love." In the play, Yuan Hong played a very finicky, very hypocritical, especially the Virgo architect for the character, Yuan Hong said to himself a little like, "I am a very easy-going person." Asked whether the Yuan Hong handed over to the rest assured that Zhang Jingchu,, said with a smile: "who does not rest assured, who knows? There is nothing to worry about." Yuan Hong then joked: "she is not assured, or is assured to her, but that ‘quiet early away!"". Xinyi Zhang teases: "here, used to say that good." For Xinyi Zhang and Yuan Hong and the dog food whenever and wherever possible, Zhang Jingchu said: "sometimes I watch Xinyi Zhang and Lao yuan together, I think it is quite interesting, two of them like a little friend, see him two together feel funny." Yuan Hong explained: "the main thing is that she is naive, I usually do not like a person." Asked why the couple did not play in the couple, Xinyi Zhang said with a smile: sometimes let go is also a kind of love, I think quite good相关的主题文章: