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Zhai said wash cut wire in order to obtain the police: Guo Chaoyu has just hype illegal Sina Technology News August 31st news, yesterday, startup "home wash" in order to obtain orders, cut the university dormitory washing machine power line reports, widely circulated on the internet. The incident continues to ferment, also received the attention of the police. Yesterday, China police station network in Anhui in Anhui police official micro-blog @ micro-blog official issued a document that, according to the "Public Security Management Punishment Law" article forty-ninth, willful damage to public or private property, more than 5 days to 10 days detention, may impose a fine of 500 yuan. According to the twenty-second, anti public security management behavior was not found in the public security organs within 6 months, no punishment. Guo Chaoyu violations occurred at the end of April this year, according to the "security management punishment law still need punishment. The cause of this incident, a source of financing for the class from the media "pencil" recently released for "10 million" he is financing laundryman students in the pencil interview "home generation washing", CEO Guo Chaoyu, which Guo Chaoyu described in the Cheng Lichu period, in order to increase the volume of orders cut the power line, dormitory laundry, making the day of the highest order volume reached 1100 single. In order to improve the orders cut wire story, causing the users in Sina micro-blog. Today, pencil road issued a statement on the official WeChat public numbers, responded to the incident. Pencil Road, said that our reporter is simple and good, that is repeatedly verified the facts, but ultimately a commercial speculation on the wrong book. The pencil said yesterday at 55 points, "Zhai wash" company CEO Guo Chaoyu told the pencil, "cut the wire" is just a joke, Never mind with pencil, is our personal speculation, said at the same time, we have absolutely no cut school power line, welcome everyone to hold. At the same time, the official residence on behalf of the official micro-blog today at 4 a.m.. Wash house CEO Guo Chaoyu said in a statement: "the home team did not do wash laundry cut wire, this event is purely commercial speculation. On this point we can report to the public security organs, evidence, we must cooperate with the relevant departments to investigate. For all of my team members, I am deeply sorry for this incident." According to public information, the current generation of home washing financing 10 million yuan, covering more than 1500 colleges and universities. (Anne) the following is the home on behalf of the washing response: hello! I am the house on behalf of washing CEO Guo Chaoyu. For the past Tuesday, may we all be "cut the wire" incident scraper! I am sorry for this. From my 09 years of University School of business has been so far, this part of entrepreneurship. Every day is to lead the team with tears and sweat in the market. Founded on behalf of the house is the hope that the washing can solve a pain point in the campus, to bring quality student laundry service. To this end, my team always dare not relax every moment. There may be a lot of friends already know that we are out of the Internet companies in Inner Mongolia, many people may feel more information Inner Mongolia block, slow development of the internet. So when we’re from.相关的主题文章: