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Yu Dan appeared in Hebei Huimin bookstore to share with readers reading comprehension – Beijing, Yu Dan appeared in Hebei Huimin bookstore to share with readers, reading and comprehension. Han Bing, photo Shijiazhuang, October, 14 (by Hao Ye), trust in Chinese culture, with their own feelings to activate it, everyone will have the spirit of income from the." 14, is being held in Hebei Huimin bookstore, renowned cultural scholar, Beijing Normal University professor Yu Dan shared with readers the experience and the feeling of reading. On 2006, after "on Lecture Room" speaker "in" the Analects of Confucius "experience", known by the public. After 10 years, Yu Dan has published the "Analects of Confucius", "Chuang-tzu experience", "interest in life" and "the most beautiful poetry" and other works. "10 years ago, when I published the Analects of Confucius", the paper reading is still the mainstream, and now the rise of electronic reading." Yu Dan admitted that 10 years, people’s cultural consumption has undergone great changes. "The way to extract information becomes more diverse, and the channels are also enriched. But there are many things to be questioned, and there is no doubt that there is no doubt." In 2012, Yu Dan published "reviewing the most beautiful ancient poetry" a book, the book to Chinese traditional culture is the most representative of ancient poetry as a clue, and explore the financial scene in one of the poem’s atmosphere. Is Dan seems Books are numerous. poetry Chinese, and form the most beautiful poetry is the pursuit of the image Chinese. "When you put the vicissitudes of the history of ancient and modern upheavals in understanding, poetry will be with you soon. When you really understand a poem, you completed a mood of transmission. The beauty of poetry is launched in an image." Yu Dan shared with readers at the reader’s meeting and stop Pavilion story. She said that people’s lives are now too fast, I hope people can stop, only to stop to see the scenery along the way. Yu Dan believes that the Hebei market is to let the people Huimin Yangxin "and stop Pavilion", want people to open the heart feel the book here in the world, not only let the poetry in the distance, but with poetry, for the distance. Shijiazhuang citizens Yu Guiwen live at the age of 85 after the lecture also believes that the China culture is broad and profound, poetry is the nation’s wealth is not lost, hope more young people can pay more attention to poetry culture, feel the beautiful artistic conception to people. (end)相关的主题文章: