Your shoes made Yi Jianlian angry. Ordinary people will not understand the Sohu news-660003

Your shoes made Yi Jianlian angry. Ordinary people will not understand the Sohu news is working to CBA, it can aid a cut above others? (of course, from the data, the CBA foreign aid is a cut above others……) In addition, as the main melody of CBA, conflicts of interests of the individual and collective, the basketball association has never done too good. Strong as Yao Ming, also more than once by the Basketball Association pit. In Yao Ming’s autobiography, he once told a story: my dream is that Chinese athletes can be treated as individuals. Of course it’s for the country, and I’m not against it. But athletes should also be allowed to benefit from it. He should be able to decide where to play and how to be a better player. If a player wants to wear shoes that are different from other players in the team, he should be able to do so. Even if Nike sponsored the national team, I wore Reebok shoes at the 2003 Asian championships. Battelle and other players in the team have a contract with Adidas, but they still have to wear Nike shoes in the national team. I want to be the first player not to do this, not for myself, but for the players behind me. If I don’t do that, they will always say to all the players, "Yao Ming doesn’t wear his shoes. Why do you think you can?" If I don’t do it, I don’t want to go with the players, they just want to sign with the team. But if I succeed, maybe they will not only spend money on the stars, but also want the players to put on their shoes. I don’t need the money, but the rest of my players may need it. It’s the same reason that I took Coca-Cola to court in china. They signed a contract to pay the Chinese team, but they use my photo on the collector cap. But I’ve signed a contract with the PepsiCo Inc. It’s a new thing for Chinese athletes, but I know that whatever happens to me, I’ll open the door to the players behind me. I only ask Coca-Cola to pay one dollar, or about 12 cents, because I don’t need their money. I went to court, so that a law was passed, maybe it could be used to stop Coca-Cola, or any other company. – "my dream" my world Yao Ming Yao Ming said it was reasonable. After the unauthorized use of the right of portrait of Yao Ming Yao Ming for money, but did not give the corresponding treatment. If Yao Ming didn’t stand out and protect their own interests, the other people in the future how to do? In a word, Yao Ming do not have, what you use is enough to drink a pot of those potential shares. Basketball is not good at negotiation. In April this year, when Yao Ming led the company for negotiation and vocational Basketball Association CBA operation when the CBA attitude is very firm: all rejected, do not promise. Therefore Yao Ming is also very angry.相关的主题文章: