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Home-and-Family In order to understand what makes a mattress .fortable, you first need to know how it’s made and why. In general, every brand or type of bed you will see in your life will have the same goal, which is .fort. And to be able to choose the best one for you, understanding just what it is you want out of a mattress is crucial. Mattress Frame Let’s start with the basics. An important part of any mattress is its frame. If a frame is on casters, those should be about two inches wide and have a high weight bearing rating. A good quality frame will be made of strong metal, wood, or a .bination of the two. Some frames are adjustable and can grow from a twin to a full, or a queen to a king. Most of the time twin and full frames have four rails to support the bedding. Sometimes wooden slats run between the rails for stronger support. Queen and king size frames should have a center support to hold the larger mattress set without it sagging in the middle. There are some bed frames that have decorative wooden rails along the sides. Unfortunately, those wooden rails are for appearances only and do not affect the strength of the frame, no matter what the salesman says. Mattress Box Spring Another important part is the box spring. Most bedding manufacturers re.mend buying a new box spring that coordinates with the mattress you choose. Since they are designed together, it would only be logical to assume that the pair works best when purchased together, they say. An old set of springs is likely to have sagged some over the years. It makes sense that a new layer over a saggy old one will break down sooner. A good box spring has a coil system surrounded by a frame of wood. Usually it is stiffer at the edges with more give in the middle for .fort. Finally, the mattress itself whether it is filled with steel coils, air, tempur memory foam or water, the support system is the means by the spine is the correct position. The most conventional means of support is considered to be the inner spring, which is a series of coils or springs that gives slightly under weight. The are designed to only give to prevent you from sinking too much. Memory Foam Memory foam or tempur foam mattresses use a man-made foam that responds to weight and temperature for support. It is designed to be harder in the places that the body touches the least and softer under heavy pressure points. Aerobed and waterbed mattresses use the same idea by filling a balloon-like sack with air or water to counter the pressure from above. Mattress Padding The uppermost layer is the padding placed on top of the support system. Whether it is wool, cotton or foam, the amount of padding determines the .fort level. A firm mattress has the least padding. A plush mattress has a thicker layer. And a pillow top mattress has the thickest layer of all. Conclusion Knowing what makes up a .fortable mattress will help you make a better choice. Just keep in mind that there are several choices for support system as shown previously and choose the one that offers you the best support for your money. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: