You were wearing long johns The Shenzhou eleven astronaut wearing long johns in the universe ssport

You were wearing long johns? The Shenzhou eleven astronaut wearing long johns in the universe: Science Chinese WeChat heating to the public, we are still holding the sacred piece of clothing, see a flock of wild geese fly south, while arranged a "wear", while arranged in a word "no". Twenty years later, our children will torture the soul? Probably not. Every year this season, about long johns media than long johns also warm: the origin, evolution, Chinese and Western comparison, social investigation, on-the-spot investigation, rumors crushed…… You probably already know that "long johns destroy the country" is the fishing rumors, "long johns" is "culle Kufusiji" referred to is bullshit, long johns seems a little relationship with king Henry viii…… Can a new round of hot net paper really full of long johns? Let’s talk about their chat wrong: · long johns originated when in the end? · long johns in the end there is no inventor? Then they don’t talk about: · in 1960s the European long johns why decline? · long johns why electrostatic?! Cut your legs?! Up and down?!!! · long johns astronauts what version? Long johns quiz back long johns originator, it is necessary to define the concept of long johns to find history, consistent with the definition of clothing. Whether it is called underpants, pants, trousers, line cotton trousers, leggings, or chill cool, me more cool, we may wish to wear long johns defined as outside trousers, ankle length warm pants. That said, began in various ancient prototype trousers (such as clothing, Kun tibia etc.) out of the mainstream, because Chinese the exterior are down garments, skirts, gowns, shirts, pants, not. The trousers worn outside, when King Zhao Wuling began in the Warring States period into Hu Fu, for protection, but the long pants is also wearing long pants, not easy to test. It can be considered that the Europeans put on the pants in the outer second pants, began in eighth Century. The pants were later called breeches (breeches), the second layer of trousers were later referred to as (drawers). Short pants like knickers, long pants naturally like long johns. From 14 to seventeenth Century of the Renaissance, long pants worn in long pants has clear test, so this is the real originator of long johns. In the west, his pants with the corresponding upper part of the body, although the length often changes, but has been separated from the. But at the end of the nineteenth Century America, also has been the rise of a nightgown (chemise) and on the "underpants Commonwealth" (combination) women, and men and very fast. This is a common article in the network and in the film "Siamese Long Johns (Union suits)", part of the opening, convenient toilet. By the middle of twentieth Century, Siamese wave is gone, the body is still the mainstream. The Modern Long Johns (long underwear or long johns), common in Europe and the United States in 1960s..相关的主题文章: