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Yi Jianlian lifted back wearing official sponsor shoes scored 42 points – Beijing, Beijing News in the second round of the League because of illegal personal sponsorship wear shoes brand play, Yi Jianlian was suspended for a basketball. After the lifting of the ban, Yi Jianlian put on the official sponsor of the shoes. The results in the Guangdong team last night, overtime 124 to 115 victory over the Liaoning team, "CBA home brother got 42 points, the pressure. The second round of the game, Yi Jianlian just started wearing the official sponsor of the shoes. However, he only played more than one foot on the feeling of discomfort, then, he took off his shoes thrown on the scene, put on the personal sponsor of the shoes in the third quarter debut. Yi Jianlian threw shoes caused a great disturbance, however, suspended after the expiration, the Guangdong team announced that Yi Jianlian will comply with the provisions of the official sponsor of the game wearing shoes. In addition, in order to get enough protection of Yi Jianlian’s feet, the official sponsor also provided him with a new pair of shoes, and the second round of the different shoes. With the Liaoning team in the game, wearing new shoes, Yi Jianlian does not seem to be much affected. In the face of the new season to start strong Liaoning, he and foreign aid Sloan propped up the team’s offensive line. The game, Yi Jianlian put their energy into the attack, and blossom, let Liaoning team impossible to guard against. From Yi Jianlian’s performance can be seen, the game played well, and the relationship is not too big shoes. Wear personal sponsor shoes, his second round flat, now put on the official sponsor of the shoes, the same can be scored 42 points to lead the team to win. This edition of the Beijing News reporter Xiao Wanli相关的主题文章: