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Yesun elevator naughty child chaotic press the button Wuguan Beijing to dissuade Chongqing Evening News – the old naughty child 300apm lift button, the parents do not stop beating but to stop the behavior of the security, you have seen? September 8th 18 am, Bishan District, a residential property owners holding two year old grandson uncle Liu took the elevator to go home, the children of the elevator button showed a strong interest, uncle Liu carried by his grandson by elevator button. This happens to be the property management staff master Chen in the monitoring room to see, for security reasons, master Chen through the elevator emergency phone to let uncle Liu tube good child. "I do not know the telephone voice is not clear, or uncle mishear, he felt that I called him." Master Chen said that soon the uncle came to the property management monitoring room to discuss his argument. Two people quarrel, uncle Liu punched master Chen, then the two sides pulling occurs, after other Wuguan personnel separately. After the incident, they reported to the police, the police station mediation room beating behavior of Bi springs mediators of uncle Liu’s were criticized, and told by the chaos elevator button may damage the computer in the elevator. Uncle Liu eventually apologized for Chen master, and compensation for more than 1000 yuan medical expenses. How do children love practical joke golden baby Chongqing senior instructor Cui Hong introduced, 2 to 7 year olds in the rule set period, if the parents or teachers found that children love to do practical joke, we should make clear the reason. Children may be curious, feel fun, even to vent their dissatisfaction. When the child acts of mischief, we must first understand the reasons behind the behavior, and then guide. Specifically, if because of curiosity, parents can explain, broaden their horizons. If it’s fun, it may be the child’s attention is not enough, the attention of their parents. If in retaliation, it is necessary to guide the child to analyze the reasons, ease the mood. Chongqing evening news chief correspondent Xia Xiangzhou correspondent Wu Tao相关的主题文章: