Yanji, the bodies of the elderly were found to be suspected of falling walls broken head 3344111

The old man was found dead in Yanji missing suspected walls fall bad head in September 29th, the network reported the Yilan Zhen Ping An Cun Yanji 4 team a 60 year old man alone into the mountains mushrooms, there has been no home, the family has been anxiously looking for. In the morning, the reporter learned that the elderly in the family, in the search of the police, the elderly have been found in the vicinity of a house abandoned by her own home, but found no signs of life when the elderly. The news has been spread on the Internet, WeChat, not only enthusiastic people to help find clues, Yanji City Public Security Bureau, Yilan police station also took all the police, while Ping An Village and Yanji Red Cross rescue team of three or four people in the mountain search and Rescue 3 days and 3 nights. "The old man did not go up the mountain, but found it in a hidden ditch." Subsequently, the reporter contacted to participate in the search and rescue of Yanji City Public Security Bureau police station instructor Gao Bingqing Yilan. Gao Bingqing said, the old man is missing in September 25th, the family is in alarm man missing after the second day, which is September 26th, when the old man was reported missing mountain mushrooms, and without a clear direction.相关的主题文章: