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Yang Mi is not afraid of the cold winter fashionable to wear short skirts wayward barelegged [introduction]: winter, Yang Mi still show legs, not a little afraid of cold, really want to withstand freezing are. Yang Mi latest airport street shot, sweater with a skirt, apparently with the people around in a season, in order to the United States is enough to fight. (content source: love beautiful street) Yang Mi Yang Mi has a pair of legs, as everyone knows, but in this year’s Yang Mi airport shot in the street, almost all other legs appeared, look at this dress, bright loose sweater collocation white pleated skirt, especially fresh tender attire, make Yang Mi look girls full range of children. Yang Mi street in the winter wear a bright yellow, bright color will be more good complexion, more eye-catching collocation, white pleated skirt, bare legs, stepping on the retro color high-heeled boots, wearing a black hat, beautiful. Yang Mi street Yang Mi latest fashion street shoot, white casual Hooded Jacket collocation black lace dress, bare legs, wearing black shoes, so neat girl dress sense, make Yang Mi more delicate by age. Yang Mi street beat airport Street especially cool, long wool dress sash outline small waist, thin good-looking, bare legs collocation blue knee boots, giving people the feeling is very beautiful. Yang Mi Street long sweater coat in a lace shirt, wearing shorts, a pair of Black Knee Boots fix fashion styling, the costume looks neat and other sense. Yang Mi street beat long sleeved plaid shirt collocation denim shorts, wearing knee boots, very cool, short white winter coat jacket essential, thick warm. Yang Mi street in a denim jacket cartoon T-shirt, wearing black leather shorts, a pair of knee high boots can fix fashion styling. Yang Mi Street decorated letters long paragraph sweater, Yang Mi put out after a treasure on a lot of the same paragraph, also see a lot of girls wearing the sweater, clothing socks and shoes missing collocation, beautiful. Yang Mi Street Hoodie, hole decorative elements, make this sweater more sense of design, collocation of pink pleated skirts, especially girls dress, a pair of small dirty shoes are comfortable and fashionable. Yang Mi street beat the red and blue plaid shirt in a white T-shirt, wearing high waisted denim shorts, socks collocation and high-heeled boots, ably neat, powerful gas field. Yang Mi street beat short denim jacket in a red plaid shirt and black shirt, wearing a leather bag hip skirt, bare legs, heels boots, feminine.相关的主题文章: