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Xinhua commentator: no restricted party supervision is no exception to the Xinhua news agency Xinhua: Beijing October 31 party supervision is not restricted without exception — four on studying and implementing the spirit of the the sixth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee party supervision is the fundamental guarantee for correct operation of power, inner-party supervision is an important content of the construction of the party, and also is the proper meaning comprehensive strictly in question. The China Communist Party Supervision of the party in the sixth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee passed "(hereinafter referred to as the" Regulations ") outstanding comprehensive strictly the theme of development and change under the new situation and new tasks, China regulations issued by the Communist Party supervision implementation" in 2003 (Trial) "on the basis of the revision and perfection of the party since eighteen strengthen the construction of the party, strengthen the practice of inner-party supervision system in a timely manner into exploration results, realize the inner-party supervision system to keep pace with the times. "Regulations" focus on the weak links existing in supervision within the party, made clear the new situation to strengthen the supervision within the party’s guiding ideology, basic principles, main contents, tasks, objects and methods, comprehensive strictly forging a new weapon system. Strengthening supervision within the party is the consistent requirement of Marx’s political party. For a long time, our Party attaches great importance to the supervision of the party and has taken effective measures to achieve remarkable results. But it should be noted that the current inner-party supervision system is not perfect, coverage is not in place, the responsibility is not clear, poor implementation and other issues can not be ignored. "The disease harm, lighter than mscrm, known from within; disease harm, and avoid weightier than Mount Tai, mo." Comprehensive strictly must solve the party wide soft problems, the main responsibility for oversight responsibility, the absence of tube fundamentally, must grasp the basic project of inner-party supervision, the system of the cage tied tightly, the institutional advantages of supervision fully released. Trust can not replace supervision, supervision can not exist blind area. As the six plenum stressed that "there is no restricted area within the party’s supervision, there is no exception", the party does not allow the power without restraint, nor allow the special party members are not supervised. Party organizations at all levels should take strict supervision combined with trust incentive, improve the power restriction and supervision mechanism, strengthen the organization and supervision of top-down, bottom-up improvement of democratic supervision, play at the same level of mutual supervision, to form power comes with responsibility, with the right will be the responsibility, the responsibility of the abuse of power will ensure the system arrangement no dead angle, full coverage, supervision and implement. "His body is, do not make the line; its body is not correct, although not from." The main object of the inner party supervision is the party’s leading organs and leading cadres, especially the leading cadres. Power is the responsibility, the responsibility to play. The more powerful, more we should have higher standards on the requirements, there are more strict supervision on the ruler in the. Through some cases in recent years, some leading cadres, particularly senior cadres of lawlessness, for corruption, corrupt party and government. Power without supervision will inevitably lead to corruption, it is an iron rule. To strengthen the supervision within the party, we must focus on the key minority, starting from leading cadres, especially senior cadres. The blacksmith needs its own hardware, leading cadres at all levels to establish and strengthen self-discipline consciousness, benchmarking consciousness, awareness example, and consciously accept the supervision of all aspects of recognition of Zhenwu相关的主题文章: