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Xinhua Daily: Cancel "mobilization" two qualifiers more occupation – Beijing to prepare for the October 6th home court and the Syria team, 11 days away and the Uzbekistan team’s 12 game, Chinese soccer team from 26 onwards in Wuhan for a new phase of training. The Football Association Chinese full-time Executive Committee Yu Hongchen arrived in Wuhan early, but it is different from the past, the leadership of the football association did not like the past immediately for the players dignified atmosphere of ideological mobilization, but more focused on preparing for the. For a long time, the national team will be held in the contest before the advent of the ideological mobilization, mobilization of the content from the "life can have a few back stroke" to "ailment under fire", the purpose is to mobilize enthusiasm from the ideological level of the players. Can again and again "mobilization", the Chinese football lose or lose. China football occupation reform has been 20 years of history, this habit is not enough to mobilize hundreds of occupation, so from the previous training, China gave up football training camp before the ideological mobilization. September 6th after the Iraq war, made a special trip to Shenyang, the Chinese Football Association President Cai Zhenhua just gave the team made a brief motivational speech. But will cancel the ideological mobilization does not mean that the state of mind indifferent coaches on the team, Gao Hongbo in January this year to China after full pointer is very focused on the exchange of ideas with the team, according to his players of different ages, technique, character, communicate with them, knowing the current situation at the same time also narrowed and the players’ psychological distance these changes, display the country leadership change in the way of thinking. Lang Ping in the women’s volleyball team won the Rio Olympic champion has said, do not just see the spirit of the women’s volleyball team, only the spirit is not enough, the women’s volleyball team is more technical. Indeed, Chinese football team in the world series each doing the best, still don’t have to rush out of Asia, the key is to blame. Football has its own laws, only when setting international technical ability, in order to play the highest level, excellent technology can play a far more power than they in the arena of "a bowl of chicken soup. Ye Yong2相关的主题文章: