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"Xie Xian" 3 front flavor into the restaurant manager Xie’s father and son cited hot – Sohu   entertainment; Nicholas Tse talking about the Sohu by the Zhejiang satellite TV entertainment news produced "Twelve Feng taste" the third quarter of the eighth phase of the program aired on Saturday night in Zhejiang satellite TV, again photographed Xie Xian became friends hot center. This appears as a front restaurant manager he not only sell adorable "to cause the bursting point again and again, and revealed to his son" complaining ", as the old urchin style so that users can not help screaming: Nicholas Tse, your father told you to go home to coax him to eat! The restaurant manager Xie Xiancheng to diners "sell adorable" old children "complaining" Nicholas: Good Dad this episode, Xie Xian came to the front restaurant, live a while "manager" addiction, interaction with the guests is humorous, led to the evaluation of his "old urchin" three words of countless friends. In order to give customers about their child "four generation" of the situation, Xie Xian suddenly squatted down as a child; face renxiaoguitai "little adults", Xie Xian will use the same overbearing childish tone asked "is it good? You told me I was going to beat him (Ting Feng)!" In the program, Xie Xian does not reveal a lovely sense of vitality and humor, poke in the audience bursting point at the same time, also make people feel calm and stable than Nicholas Tse, his father Xie Xian is more like a child". The old urchin also seems to really need Nicholas extra care". When Nicholas Tse talked about the love of cuisine, Xie Xian playfully make complaints like "I don’t know what you love to eat." In the interview after the meeting, Xie Xian praised the great progress of cooking after the addition of a big Nicholas Tse, I hope he’s a little better for his father." Eager to get more attention to the mood of his son to overflow the screen. But want to coax the old children happy and easier said than done? According to Xie Dachu in the program said that every time he resorted to eighteen when Xie Xian cook cooking, Xie Xian is always a rather impatient because of slow like "serve is not finished?" Forced him to be roasted, steamed together, boiled together, stew together, all arranged together with the time to come up." It seems to prevent the diners playfully run, Xie chef seems to Dad customized private recipes! Although Nicholas Tse and Xie Xian have said two father and son of a man don’t talk much in the program, two people all know, but in the eyes of two people, father and son is playfully childish. After the broadcast, many users have a message in micro-blog, Nicholas Tse, your dad called you home to coax him to eat!" "The father and son" buzz "3 front flavor" delicacy warm heart full upgrade Xie Xian boarded the "front" flavor series is the third times, each time "Xie’s father and son will give people a different feeling. The netizen summed up the "two years in the first quarter when striker taste, the interaction between Xie Xian Nicholas Tse still seemed a bit strange, the word" love "in any case do not export, but the" 3 "period in second Feng taste Xie Xian’s son will take a joke, but last week the program, is able to directly express the hope that the other party concerned between the two, this welcome change by fans in mind.相关的主题文章: