Xiao Ming and his little friends, the director of the document set to reproduce the expression packa mentalist

"Xiao Ming and his buddy" set file gold expression package film "return director Xiao Ming and his buddy" youth students will salute the fixed gear conference Tencent entertainment news (text Tang Xi Wang Dong camera) the afternoon of September 12th, directed by Wang Xin, Joe fir, starring Xu Juncong, Fei Wei, Lu No, Luo Jia Ni starring the comedy film "Xiao Ming and his buddy" held fixed gear conference in Beijing, the film will be released nationwide in October 28th. Creative people wearing a red scarf full scene, chat, pay tribute to the youth, students will make people into the scene, dreaming of a student. Joe Shan site incarnation "cartoon killer" Chinese, a series of correct number of questions to win the quiz game "Golden Songs; curator Cui Chengguo reproduce the classic laugh expression package and send expressions three burst, thanks to the crew members for their care. Qiao Shan Xu Juncong aihenchanmian force a nursery rhymes library Joe Shan PA game "Ming" as the IP film China’s biggest film isn’t about a student’s story, but a very adult Carnival drama. The conference site to pay tribute to youth students "in the form of expansion, the atmosphere is hot, full of jokes; Joe to love more shirts inserted" ask "host response to heard that you fell in love with Xu Juncong to kill, and said in the movie" buddies are not martial arts, I want to treasure what ‘sword’?" In response to whether there is a sign, in the movie plot of the major health problems. While the actor Lu wild also broke their own "small nanny" and Fei Weini’s love story is only one page, it is called "one night stand". In childhood songs quiz links film side set, Joe fir is a series of questions "Haier brothers", "brother", "smart Ikkyu and BB" blue rat and other songs, led his team to win, won the praise of "China cartoon killer", "Joe Shan live users praise for a fairy tale childhood". The pilot notice bursting point intensive "gold curator" contribution expression package conference site, the movie was the first exposure to the pilot notice, Joe fir as the core, the star turns to play, but eventually "seal" the above advantages "no", so the scene of laughter. The film director and screenwriter Wang Xin was one of the people in the "embarrassed way" he said screenwriter, to make the story more reasonable, the audience is more love, difficulties during the filming of a lot, and now the most difficult, is also us ". The famous Korean actor Kim director "Cui Chengguo also appeared in the conference, and as the" expression emperor "with three continuous expression package, attracted the audience applauded again and again. Cui Chengguo said at the scene, they play "Korea first snitch" in the play, will start a story with "Bob"; Cui Chengguo also invited Joe Shan together to reproduce the "keening laughter" triggered the scene and a burst of applause. The conference site, the organizers for the six starring awarded distinctive coffee awards to the audience laugh, unveiled with a slender cheek in the history of fashion, Yan Zhichao boss high grassroots goddess "small nanny", very smart, Mr. Sun has a saint, utter innocence "robber baby face black heart" the social gangster, and night stranger face emperor six roles, let the image of six roles contain each other more distinctive, tempt the appetite of the audience. Four creative play slot machine "Bob" file October 28th conference.相关的主题文章: