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Writing-and-Speaking Inspiration on writing a blog. Most us go through a stage of writers block. How do we get through these periods of just blanks? Here are seven blogging tips to help you for blog ideas. 1. Think about what people who visit your blog want. Ask yourself, "What problems are they experiencing that I can help with". Or questions such as "When I started what did I learn that helped me to get to where I am now?" These are ideas that can be formulated into something of benefit that you should be inspired to write about. 2. What have I recently learnt that was informative, helpful, inspiring, humorous, or entertaining? Work this into your blog giving your unique flavour. As You grow you can share those benefits, solutions or ideas with your readers. What are your struggles, gripes that maybe need airing. These "struggles" show that you to are human and can identify with their problems. 3. Sign up with Stumbleupon and get their weekly review of the most popular sites. Find sites relevant to your blog for ideas, tips or strategies. Or you can visit forums and chat sites related to your niche to find threads to fire you up with. This is another place to find what questions are being asked that you could maybe help with. 4. Google trends is another site worth visiting to see what’s hot. Write about something of interest that you have found, then point your readers in that direction. Out ward links from your blog are also good, it shows your readers that you care by offering something of quality. They will come back for more as regulars. 5. Write down a list of ten questions relating to your niche that your readers could be asking. Just do a google search " intelligent questions on (Your Niche)." you will be amazed at what questions get asked. This is a great way to jump in to give your input. 6. Use a good key word tool that gives alternate keywords and phrases. This I find is great inspiration for my heading. Once the heading is decided, just write down every thing you know without really thinking. You can always come back to proof read and correct it later. This gets the flow going, so don’t stop. 7. What’s up and coming? What important event is due? This can be the foundation for your blog ideas. Easter for example or the next big game. What plans, views or interests can you write about? What can benefit your community or needs discussion to improve things. Inspiration for writing a blog is easy if you think about these 7 blogging tips and ideas. You need to now take action and benefit from writing what is on your heart. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: