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Careers-Employment I had been off work for sometime when I received a phone call from the University of Chicago Medical Center. I had applied for a secretarial position and was thrilled to receive the phone call. I went to the U of C and took the necessary tests. I interviewed with Dr. Lawrence Zachary. He was a young plastic and reconstructive surgeon who specialized in hand and extremity injuries. I was hired to work as his secretary. I had no knowledge whatsoever about medical terminology, typing reports, insurance forms, etc. But Dr. Zachary and the U of C gave me a chance. I self taught myself the necessary terms and learned how to fill out insurance forms with the correct information to assist Dr. Zachary’s patients to receive their benefits. I became involved in all aspects of Dr. Zachary’s office routines. I scheduled patient appointments, took committee meeting notes for the committees he chaired, typed up his clinic notes and office procedure notes. I absolutely loved this job. This was my continuation of a career at hospitals and medical offices and my start in the medical career of transcription. My independence in a job, schedule flexibility, being able to do things with family and friends when so many times these events are taking place when I need to be at work; and I have MS. Anyone who knows about MS knows that we can’t do the physical things we had done in the past. It can be very frustrating. I am not able to stand for long periods of time in one place, such as a cashier or sales associate would be required to do. We are often very fatigued but at a regular 9-5 job we are not able to say I need a rest break. Working at home, I could take a 15 minute to one hour break and lie down if I needed. Sometimes just taking a break can refresh me where I can get back at what I was doing. A 9-5 job doesn’t give those of us with disabilities that luxury in most cases. I have done some research over the past six months on the medical transcription career and researched several companies offering training. Of those that I did research I was impressed with what Future MT has to offer. I was impressed with their curriculum and the reference materials provided. I have worked with medical transcription employers for other hospitals and physicians after leaving U of C (only leaving after Dr. Zachary had a very serious auto accident and was unable to work). I did Radiology transcription for Christ Hospital and then for Chicago Partners. I also had my own business where I did physical therapy notes and some Neurology evaluation notes for a Neurosurgeon at Loyola Medical Center. All of these locations were in Illinois. I self taught the terminology, style, etc. needed for these reports. I have medical books still available here to me: Stedman’s Medical Dictionary, Gray’s Anatomy, and other medical reference materials I can use. I find the work extremely interesting and challenging. Where I work part time is not challenging at all. I do all the jobs no one else wants to do. They won’t train me on other duties because I believe they feel threatened over their job. I can work on my own and if I am able to make enough money to support myself I can get off my disability. Disability is good, however, you can’t make any substantial money over the disability amount or you lose the disability. I need a career where I can make what I need to live on plus extras. I don’t necessarily want to start my own MT business, but I want to be independent in my working. If one week I can only work 2 days, I want that flexibility. But if I want to make $3,000 a month, I want to be able to do that also. SN:0TG9Y2ESY I find the medical industry very interesting. There are new procedures and surgeries that are much easier on the patient than when I was first in this field. I realize that to continue in the field of MT, I need an update and refresher to be successful and all that I can be. With continued education I could possibly work for a physician such as a Neurologist or a Psychiatrist and do all their dictation. I could still do this from home, or if necessary, at their office. But my goal is to work from home. I have applied at two of the hospitals in Phoenix, but have not had any luck. With continued education I am confident that this employment search would open up for me. I can use the benefits working for a large hospital would provide. I had absolutely great benefits when working for the hospitals. I am tired of living check to check, not having any extra money for treating myself and/or having the money to buy my grandson’s gifts for birthdays and Christmas. I also don’t have a vehicle and that is another reason doing this from home would benefit me. At some point I would be able to purchase a vehicle and then work for a large hospital. One last thing I believe is that you only grow old if you are not actively involved in life. I don’t want to grow old mentally and it is important to keep the body and mind active. Working helps with motivation and health issues. My present job, although not challenging at all, can be stressful but something I will not expand on. Stress is not good for me at this time. For more information visit ..medtrancareers.. WRITTEN BY: Rita R. Naughton About the Author: 相关的主题文章: