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Women’s Volleyball World War for copper and the end of the broadcast live Keifer watts 3-1 revenge Zurich tile can revenge? Keifer? Sina sports news Beijing on October 23rd news, the 2016 World Women’s volleyball club championship three or four finals will be held today in Philippines 13:00 Manila after the war, Zhu Ting effect of tile Keifer bank will cum group phase again against Zurich Bank of Switzerland, and won the bronze medal. Sina sports will be broadcast live video, please watch. The two teams in the group phase was played, Keifer was a key pad right on the other side, repeatedly collusion ryco Liu Ke marking poor lost to 2-3. Keifer watts for banks in two, want revenge fight, must solve the unfavorable situation only Zhu ting a stable point of the storm, and need good psychological control in the stage of stalemate, restrict the Zurich team’s offensive key. In addition, the two teams win the key should be the mouth of the network competition. The two teams, net export competitiveness is strong, as their team’s first score, Zhu Ting and Liu, the storm Lecco competition is the focus of the third war. While the strength of the Zurich team is strong, but the lack of strain, Zhu Ting can increase the number of changes to seek a more easy way to break. Although losing once in the group phase, and lost to local rivals in the Wakif yesterday, but the overall strength is still there, if you do the above preparation, Keifer bank is expected to tile the FIFA World Club Cup medal harvest. > > into the Sina graphic studio > > into the PC end topic (new body)相关的主题文章: