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Women seeking birth parents 28 years ago to give family home after 3 tin Beizhen Ms. Chen and her husband after marriage, last year, in the spring of this year ushered in the first baby, now six and a half months pregnant with her, but to immerse themselves in the early outside the joy of motherhood, and a heart that want to find their own parents. 28 years ago was sent away after the family of Ms. Chen, who is 28 years old, married, and now the account is in, tin, Beizhen. And talked about their own experiences, she is also very emotional. She was born in a few days, it was their own parents to give up, but after several twists and turns to the parents here now. Ms. Chen: I heard, was transferred three times to now parents here. Ms. Chen grew up in support of the adoptive parents in third, and for myself this thing is to adopt a child, but she grew to know, because the neighbors are directly told her. With the growth of the age, coupled with the belly and a baby, Ms. Chen can be more aware of the parents is not easy, it is more determined to find her own parents thought. So, this year Ms. Chen has been trustee inquiries, hope to pass before several parents to find their own parents, but over the past 28 years, already have changed. The only clue is this lock, this is Ms. Chen’s parents left. "Four words to lock a long life of abundance and respectability", and Ms. Chen recorded the birth weight 7 pounds, was born on July 22, 1989 at 1:10 in the morning. If Ms Chan’s biological parents, relatives or informed citizens to see, you can contact us, or directly with Ms. Chen contact: 15052269559.相关的主题文章: