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Women can hold up half the sky! 29 Olympic medals in Chinese led yinshengyangshuai Olympic Games the strongest female athletes sina sports women to provide opportunities in the success of the Olympic Games and they are always associated with their respective countries. Women in 29 countries have won more medals than men at the Rio games and at least the previous summer olympics. In the history of the Olympic Games in the United States, the number of men who have won more than 90 medals in the 1948 Olympic Games is almost always more than women. But since 1980s, the gap has narrowed. In 1972, the United States federal government passed the Ninth Amendment to the education act to give women equal opportunities to engage in sports. It is the sex of the federal government to support the legal equality based on it to encourage girls to participate in sports at school, and thus expand the athlete’s talent pool, the U.S. national team coach can recruit more excellent players. At the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, American women athletes won more medals than male athletes for the first time. In China, the feat was twenty years earlier than the United states. Chinese female athletes from the 1988 Seoul Olympic Games began to perform better than male athletes, even more than male athletes to bring back more than ten medals. Jamaica, with a population of less than three million people between 2008 and 1948, has won the birth of the world’s top two stars at the Beijing Olympics in the year of the Boulter games in the year of the Games in the United States in the world of 20-90. Although the country’s female athletes won more medals than men at the Rio Olympics, Boulter attracted most of the attention. Less than 29 of the gold medal won the Puerto Rico National History of the first Olympic gold medal in the Olympic Games in Rio won the tennis women’s singles final in Puerto Rico’s Puig from 1948 onwards, the Olympic delegation of 40 people which is sent by the Puerto Rico only one harvest of medals. In 1900 the Olympic Games men and women athletes can win medals in spite of this, female athletes can still get the number of medals is still less than male athletes. In 1900, the female athletes first appeared in the Olympic Games, they participated in the competition of five projects. The increase in other projects is very slow, the gap has not been substantially reduced until 1990. In 1991, International Olympic Committee decided that the Olympic Games must be attended by women. Five years later, the decision was written in the Olympic Charter to clarify the responsibility of the Olympic Committee to encourage and support the development of women’s sports. (Dou Wo)相关的主题文章: