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With this design, lazy cancer is no longer afraid to quit the lead: the world has been lazy, will be more happy! Come and take a look at these lazy home design. (source: engage in Coldplay) public concern number are cavity tune ", see more wonderful original content! Just back from vacation, feeling after the syndrome and attack, go to work every day feeling lazy, looking forward to returning home from work. Feel ill Jiuzhibuyu "lazy cancer" and the attack, but who has been saying "lazy is the human’s first productivity"? Do not believe? I told you to engage in: the world is lazy, will be more happy! Come and take a look at these lazy home design. Automatic eating machine Obi eat this thing do not have to do it yourself, to feed the machine to feed you! One hand tied trash Pack Master design is to help disabled friends, to solve the inconvenience in their lives. However, we may also be good for the late cancer. Single hand pouring teapot Plate-Oh disposable plates Plate-Oh provides a solution without affecting the degradation of disposable paper disk convenience situation. This pioneering approach has greatly saved the cost of disposable plates on materials and transport packaging. Ran out of a layer of a layer of tear, do not love to wash the dishes for us, it is the gospel ah!! Remote control of the lock phone APP provides remote control for the LAZYLOCK may, LAZYLOCK support on the phone APP can view or open the door lock. Open the door locks need security code, LAZYLOCK client can generate two kinds of security code, one can be used as a master’s daily use, and the other can be used as a temporary use of the guests. Tie his shoes HyperAdapt 1 days ago to introduce automatic lacing sneakers, it can according to the size of their shoelaces feet. Shoes built-in micro motor, is responsible for adjusting the tightness of shoelaces. When you wear the shoes, the heel will trigger an internal sensor to sense your foot size, and adjust the laces. If you do not feel comfortable enough to adjust, the two sides are also provided with a control button to facilitate manual adjustment. Automatic vegetable cutting machine this machine can certainly make your hands free, you can even read a newspaper cutting… But I want to talk to you about life… Are you sure you can cut it? This is also an automatic bathing machine out of the sky… Moreover, this machine does not need you to do it to help you take a bath after the bath, because it comes with the cleaning and disinfection function, in addition to benefit their patients with advanced cancer can be lazy, if the automatic bathing machine used in nursing homes, hospitals and other places, but also can greatly facilitate the daily lives of the elderly and disabled. Have to say the island people hold chin brain big hand holes, such wonderful products can replace your support to help you.相关的主题文章: