With scleroderma, live only ten years

had scleroderma, live only ten years? There is no basis for this statement?


/ scleroderma, systemic sclerosis (SSc) complex pathogenesis, clinical manifestation is not a fit for the myriads of changes, popular science of disease, so the doctor has been more than the topic away.

however, the doctor more than a friend is the friend of scleroderma, doctors do more than talk about all kinds of science, is not scleroderma related science, she is very sad.

got the market rumors, scleroderma, live only ten years?

More than

, so, today I will bite the bullet to discuss it in scleroderma.

what is scleroderma?

Scleroderma of scleroderma from the Greek word "scleros" is used to describe the thickening and hardening of the skin. As a common and heterogeneous disease of skin lesions in scleroderma by a group of thickening and hardening of the composition, in addition to other clinical manifestations vary hard ", and of unknown etiology, pathogenesis is very complex.

It is clear that the pathogenesis of

at present is that inflammation and vascular injury may be the most important factors in the early stage of the disease, while fibrosis and vascular insufficiency are the main manifestations in the later stage.

cell and molecular biology, genetics, immunology progress change rapidly the pathogenesis of this disease, make more and more clear, is genetically susceptible individuals in the trigger conditions, induced early vascular injury, immune cell activation, an autoimmune reaction and subsequent activation of fibroblasts and matrix accumulation caused by chronic and progressive organization the cascade of damage. Over time, vascular dysfunction and major organ involvement in fibrosis, leading to disease and death.

is in view of the above mentioned mechanism, so we should pay attention to the disease, early diagnosis and early treatment, the timing of treatment may be as far as possible goes forward early and aggressive treatment of vascular injury, immune cell activation and inflammatory stage to give, if you can not start the cascade reaction after treatment will improve the prognosis of patients is. This is a vision, in fact, in many patients, autoimmune reaction and vascular lesions usually precede clinical onset, and lead to fibrosis progression; vascular occlusion and interstitial fibrosis and further aggravate autoimmune and inflammatory reaction, resulting in a vicious cycle of death aggravated.

the science do well like a heavy, more than the doctor’s patients know, I love cold water in the patient when the patient is in dizzy with success, encouraging to appease the people downhearted. The above said so heavy, then turning me.


had scleroderma, live only ten years?