Wireless headset battle Apple airpods vs beats x comparison evaluation

Beats X Wireles vs AirPods

Since apple

headset kill hole, in order to reduce the charging to the embarrassment, Apple launched two consecutive AirPods and Beats wireless headset X, think really is intimate.

from the design, AirPods is the real "wireless headset," said goodbye to the wire puzzle, but inevitably very easy to lose; a thread connection between Beats X headset, also support wire, so in operation better, more a sense of security.

Beats X   vs AirPods

The function of

, Beats X and AirPods as supports voice control, can activate Siri, adjust the volume, switch songs through the built-in microphone headset and so on; the two are equipped with the latest Apple W1 chip, so in connection with the mobile phone or computer is very simple. In life, the performance of the two are very good, so hard on the surface of two high, but in many of the details of the two or a gap. So what are the differences? Please see the comparison of foreign bloggers to bring it!