Win The War

Weight-Loss Program at a Glance Win the War Within is a book and a program that is focused on more than just obesity. Rather, it seeks to deal with a host of issues including heart disease, arthritis, cancer, and also weight gain. Program in Focus When one sees the incredibly wide array of health concerns this book tries to deal with one might think that the program will be incredibly .plex. However, Dr. Chilton boils it down to three steps. These steps focus largely upon reducing arachidonic acid (ARA) from the diet. This includes cutting out foods which are high in ARA and taking supplements which are said to block ARA. ARA is an omega-6 essential fatty acid. Whether there are any clear links between ARA levels and the aforementioned health issues is unclear. It seems difficult to believe that all of these issues (including weight gain) can be offset through reducing ARA in the diet. The third step of the program is a low-glycemic index diet. This means that users focus on cutting out foods which contain simple carbohydrates that are processed by the body so quickly they turn to fat. It does not appear that Win the War Within re.mends any supplements which are able to increase fat burning potential and suppress the appetite. Positives -May provide some guidance toward a low-glycemic index diet Negatives -The logic behind the program may not be backed by conclusive evidence -Does not seem to offer any fat-burning, appetite-controlling supplement -Steep claims made in the marketing pitch Final Thoughts Win the War Within is a book that makes some serious claims about health and about weight loss specifically. However, this books approach of blaming everything on ARA may not be a wise stance to take. In this sense, dieters may find that implementing some basic changes to their lifestyle can prove beneficial. This includes exercising on a daily basis and eating more healthily. Lastly, choosing a supplement that can increase fat burning and control the appetite may make such efforts most effective. About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: