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Business It is no mystery that a person’s environment has a large affect on the ways in which they act. This has been proven time and time again through numerous studies by the scientific .munity. Any given person will have a strong tendency to adapt to their environment, which obviously means that their environment will inevitably change them. So why does this matter, you might ask? What real difference does it make? Quite a bit of difference, in fact. By using the right elements you can encourage a person in a certain direction through their reactions to their environment. This is especially true of the workplace, where surroundings can greatly improve of degrade the quality and efficiency of their work. If, for instance, you place a person in two different offices, one with an office with hip, contemporary office furniture, and the other having more traditional but rather boring office furniture, their work will most likely be more efficient in the office with contemporary office furniture. The most obvious question at this point is how something like furniture can have such a great effect on a person. Well, quite simply, it goes back to the idea of an environment’s effects on a person’s performance. You see, using a particular style of furniture is going to do a great deal to set the atmosphere of a particular area. For instance, using a style of furniture that has the ‘stately but oppressive’ feeling to it (such as many older styles tend to have) can cause employees to feel quite simply intimidated by their surroundings. This can lead to nervousness, lack of confidence, and other negative emotions that can work together to lower the general efficiency of work among the employees. In an office that uses contemporary office furniture, however, these problems are far less likely to occur. This is quite simply because the styles of furniture which are currently considered to be contemporary do not really tend to be intimidating, which contributes to a more relaxed atmosphere. Another huge advantage of using contemporary office furniture in your office is that it gives your entire office an extremely hip feel. This will be beneficial to your employees, as they will tend to feel more driven to work in an environment that they feel is hip and energetic. Making sure your employees feel that your .pany is up to date and cutting edge can be more beneficial to everyone involved than you might imagine. It is not just the employees that this style of furniture can make an impression on, though. Clients will also .e into contact with your office furniture. Contemporary office furniture can send the same message to clients (and perspective clients) as it does to your employees: you are moving ahead with the times, keeping your image and (by association) your solutions fresh and new. This impression can be a very powerful one, which can open doors to opportunities you might not have otherwise had. Copyright Jared Winston, 2006. All Rights Reserved. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: