Why the staff before the resignation of the hammer because of psychological pressure to delete micro


tells why he left hammer technology. The user disclosed in the article on the hammer technology flexible work system, the company benefits and reduce the dissatisfaction of superiors. In addition, he also revealed that the recent period of hammer technology occurred a large area of layoffs.

the friends said: "the hammer technology did not do anything wrong, because standing in the company point of view, it can be used in order to gain all through, but the company has not publicly declared their innate pride." The contents of the article mentioned in the net friend is still not confirmed.

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reported by the media, the author micro-blog will soon be deleted, and bursts of two micro-blog clarified: "cause for this article to the company and the articles mentioned in the troubled people, I really feel very sorry, but my view of the same."

the following is the net friend " why I left hammer technology? "full text

I in 2015 3 month post hammer technology, in recent days to leave, especially now want to send this to write down two years experience in the company and I think. There is a major area of layoffs recently for a period of time, but I do not belong to this time has continued layoffs range, but his resignation, finally had some unpleasant things behind, will also be raised.

I graduated in 2012 at the time of their own to go what kind of company has no concept, my major is software engineering, but did not want to go to any IT company, so I chose to study abroad. Hammer technology is founded in May 2012, I was a typical Luo powder during college, but is that I still do not pay too much attention to the Luo founded the company, and even heart Luo have fun of the suspects, and that time to go abroad formalities completed, so there was a bit in a hurry to depart the meaning of it no special attention to this company.

The first ROM

hammer technology was announced in 2013 March, when the people in foreign countries, watch the playback of the conference, the first time I brush the ROM, although a lot of problems, but very love many of the details of the system. I want to go to the hammer after the first move to work is the T1 press conference, when I was released after the T1 is also the first batch of scheduled users. Because I am a southerner, after returning home to find a resume directly into the hammer technology, because if not, I am unlikely to work in Beijing. Of course, from the interview to the last entry is very smooth, I was almost T2 when the project started. When it comes to entry hammer technology, I am still very grateful to the company, because this is my first job, before there is no And;