Why did Wang Xiaochuan change range Such Sogou worrying


"most of us end up with a compromise." At the turn of the year, Chinese review of the Internet industry, it can be said that Wang Xiaochuan may be one of the most representative of those "middle-aged man" the sad.

1 month 14 days, in 2017 the park geeks GIF meeting, Sogou CEO Wang Xiaochuan about artificial intelligence, at the same time the site also announced officially launched "overseas search" products. According to Wang Xiaochuan’s rhetoric, this product uses the latest Sogou "neural network and its translation technology, can help in English search China users, search and read to the world of medical science and technology and culture information, is known as the world within the scope of the first time the depth of neural network system and the combination of translation search the product. Finally, Wang Xiaochuan also put down this sentence: "cross language communication once achieved, will rewrite the story of the tower of babel." A top face, change the world.

but the voice did not fall, Sogou this hanging "search the world" and "overseas cultural blending" label great products, on the face of the industry’s collective Tucao and ridicule, because the search experience may even pass line did not reach. So the question comes, this Wang Xiaochuan mouth of overseas search artifact and the carrying of the obscure "neural network translation technology", what is the gold content? But also led to a public users Paizhuan, soon it was found that the "Sogou overseas" released last May with the "English search" is exactly the same, then the information data English Microsoft bing. So the new old play, is to take technology as a trifling matter? Sogou and Wang Xiaochuan such a strange move behind, full of what kind of faint sadness?

"advanced" translation technology really stand the test?

it is true, as Wang Xiaochuan said in the field of overseas search product release, if the technology does not have the gold content, it is necessary to turn technology into products, and the use of large-scale users, is basically impossible. Even if you can get some opportunistic users, and ultimately it is difficult to bring much commercial value. It can be said that the technology is hard, but the development of the latter, the larger the size of the user, the greater the risk and crisis.

but it is this sentence, may let Wang Xiaochuan boast of overseas search, lifted his feet, the problem is precisely in the so-called neural network translation technology.

, according to Wang Xiaochuan introduction, "overseas search" using neural network technology Machine Translation Sogou search interface, Chinese user input Chinese in overseas, will be automatically translated into English, and retrieve the massive worldwide English information, can eventually be real-time search results page into Chinese. But the truth of this technology may not be the case, the experience is quite bad.

such as overseas search may not be new products, as early as May 2016, Sogou released;