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Who will monitor — dry waste dry waste in rural areas of Hebei investigation and Reflection on the new network in Xinle City, South Village – cast cement dry waste. Guo Dong – photo reporter Guo Dong a person who does not want to see the fact that happened. In November 10th 23, Lixian County Meng Changcun falling boy Zhao Zicong by rescuers from the bottom, but has no signs of life. So far, this affected the rescue operations of many people, in 107 hours after the end of the announcement. A dry eye, "eat" out of a fresh life, leaving a lot of regret and sorrow, but left us deep thinking — how many rural unattended dry? Well, what the WHO tubes? How about "man eating" no repeat of the tragedy? November 9th to 10, the reporter in-depth Shijiazhuang, Chengde and Baoding, to investigate the related problems of dry waste. How well? A dry eye, falling well together, although the success of the rescue, but two years left Yihezhuang village is still heavy. The afternoon of November 10th, a piece of corn in Gaobeidian City Xiao Guan Ying Xiang Yi He Zhuang Cun Nan Li, 72 year old Tian Hongxuan about two years ago at the rescue operation for journalists. Early in June 9, 2014, 3 year old boy Xiao Hui (a pseudonym) followed his grandfather to work. In the play, small Hui accidentally fell into a dry well. The dry well abandoned for many years, less than 30 cm in diameter. After more than 9 hours of rescue, in digging around 12 meters deep in the earth, people will finally saved the child. At that time the well has now been buried into the ground. Reporters saw, there are two wells near the site of the incident. One of them is an abandoned well, open mouth, because the wellhead diameter of only 10 cm, no danger. There is a 30 cm diameter in wells, the well cover a large iron plate. The reporter saw the small Hui, he is now on the kindergarten. "Should be a lesson to keep dry, do not happen again" man eating "event." Xiao Hui’s grandfather said, the village then to all the danger of waste landfill were dry. But like the Yihezhuang village of dry processing waste that is rare. The reporter saw in a few kilometers away from the Yihezhuang village car Village Road, there is still a bare dry. "These useless well, nobody management, a safety hazard." A nearby villager said. Dry waste had a variety of uses: in the farmland, abandoned well irrigation; in the site, piling dry waste; in the side of the road, have abandoned the line well…… Reporter survey found that in recent years, with the decline of groundwater level, a large number of wells dry up and scrapped. Abandoned wells deep ten meters to tens of meters, about 30 cm in diameter, more hiding in the weeds and crops, easily resulting in human and animal safety accidents. It is understood that the boy Zhao Zicong fall has been built about ten years, wasted 5 years. After the well dry without backfill, no cover, no set up warning signs, wellhead has been exposed. Meng Changcun in a village, the village wells are more, the specific number of unknown.相关的主题文章: