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Reference-and-Education Babies are born with a thirst for knowledge, a gift that enhances their ability to .municate to those around them before they can talk by observing and responding to cues in their environment. By offering an NYC sign language program that directly meets your child’s developmental needs, Baby Fingers is helping parents to take advantage of these new ways of thinking about how children .municate at an early age. Lora Heller is the founder of Baby Fingers. After discovering her own children’s successful expression through sign language, she developed a curriculum and method to teach other children this useful tool. By 6-months, her son, Ezekial was able to sign the phrase I love you to his mother. From that day, Lora was inspired to help other mothers and their children achieve the joy of a sign language learning experience. By exposing your child to American Sign Language at an early age, you’re actively aiding the development of key cognitive functions. Research has shown that the teaching American Sign Language to babies and toddlers can help to increase vocabulary, expand their capacity to learn multiple languages and enhance their overall IQ for a range of benefits rarely offered within an early-learning environment. Baby Fingers is a .pany that is uniquely positioned to offer your child the most educational sign language programs in NYC with long term value. Their teachers are all professionally qualified and specially trained to accelerate your childs cognitive development process while fostering an interactive learning environment. This exceptional American Sign Language program is offered to NYC residents as well as those across the country through the use of webinars. Thanks to Baby Fingers’ collaboration with InstantPresenter.., they can offer live, interactive classes via .puter in the .fort of your own home, no matter where you live. These webinars provide a unique method of learning, enhancing vocabulary, and strengthening the parent/child bond. There a plethora of webinar topics to learn including; family signs, food and meal time, places to go, favourite songs and many more. Baby Fingers’ innovative Sign and Stretch sign language program offers NYC residents and their children the opportunity to learn through movement and song as they explore music as well as yoga and sign language. This enhanced program, only offered by NYC sign language specialists, Baby Fingers, allows children to pick-up key language skills for developing their confidence in .munication with peers and adults. Through the thematic units in this program, children will also be introduced to yoga poses that tie together with their learning experience gained in American Sign Language, for a .plete educational sign language program experience that NYC residents must try for themselves. To help your child reach their potential, review the exceptional program options available through the NYC-based American Sign Language specialists, Baby Fingers. About Baby Fingers: Created in 2000, Baby Fingers is an innovative teaching .pany that uses a unique .bination of American Sign Language, music, games, stories and dramatic play to aid the child’s development in the areas of language, spatial reasoning, and motor skills. For more information about the .pany and the classes they offer, please visit Mybabyfingers. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: