When winter comes, Songhua River becomes a natural playground for ice

When it comes to winter, Songhua River becomes a natural playground on the ice

in the winter, is located in the most northern city of Harbin became a lot of visitors enjoy the snow south place. Central street is a pedestrian street.

central street is famous all over the country. It has a history of more than a hundred years. It is famous for its many European styles, especially Russian style buildings. In winter, snow Street constantly, see a lot of snow and ice.

these sculptures are representative of the Harbin ice and snow culture, every winter, the world of ice and snow in Harbin has a wide range of sculptures, and in some of the main streets are often seen.

walked along the central street, went to the Songhua River, flood control monument, is to commemorate the Harbin City People’s victory over the 1957 flood, built in 1958.

in the winter, the Songhua River with a thick layer of ice, the Songhua River became natural snow park outdoor ice thickness can travel car, go straight on the river is Sun Island.

a variety of recreational activities can enjoy the experience, fell a few somersaults, the feeling is not so cold.

Songhua River in November of every year on the ice, snow and ice in the world is also taken from the Songhua River ice.

to look at the Harbin winter ice snow, a stroll around the central street, eat a popsicle in modern cream, eat authentic Russian meal, this winter is perfect.