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When the migratory season HuJiao bird phenomenon repeated – Beijing [] Xinmin Xinmin Evening News? It is hard to imagine in Shanghai green countryside, hidden in dense is the large number of hunting nets above and snares below, migratory birds migrate south in this season. "Only in Chongming Chenjiazhen, this year’s autumn migration season, on the demolition of more than and 300 nets, save a hobby, Besra, eagle? And other national key protected wild animal." "Wild birds conservation group responsible person Zhu Weijia told reporters. In Chongming, Fengxian, Pudong, Jinshan Shanghai coastal regions, are active in such a batch of bird protection volunteers. "The number of volunteers increased year by year, but the Shanghai wild bird protection is still grim." Shanghai hundreds of thousands of acres of coastal woodland are different in a phenomenon, a conservative estimate, killed each year in Shanghai, the number of wild birds are only one hundred thousand. "Hainan" km Shanghai is "an important transfer of East Asia Australia migratory station, they flew from Alaska to Australia, from the Arctic to fly to South Asia, poetic journey seems to be free, but thousands of kilometers threatened by growing crises. Overgrown weeds blocked roads, thick leaves blocking the line of sight, this is a Chongming Island far away from the village in the remote forest, sparsely populated. Beside the path, the plants were cut off and bending, is obviously out of step, that Fowler often here. This is the recent wild birds conservation group in a bird protection act of Chongming. Indeed, into the forest, volunteers have found three large clapnet, nearly 7 meters high, 20 meters wide, "the network is very strong, the bamboo root break, can easily capture any wild birds, including birds of prey." There is a trapped Tarsiger cyanurus struggling for help, volunteers quickly cut wound on the bird as thin as hair line Tarsiger cyanurus duoduosuosuo station volunteers in the palm of your hand and rest for a moment, to restore some strength to fly wings. This day, the volunteers rescued dozens of live birds, including Tarsiger cyanurus, Pycnonotus sinensis and other rare animal. Not only is the town, in Chongming Dongtan network "disaster", another group of volunteers in action. They came to a puddle throughout the reeds and seawall woodland, an average of 20 meters there is two side by side net, across the entire forest. 3 meters high and 20 meters wide, a T-shaped or back shaped distribution, regardless of the direction from which the bird fly to escape the nightmare. The scene of the clapnet by nylon thread woven, bamboo or hung on the branches. The bird flew into the once wrapped, fine mesh is difficult to escape, even if not injured, often starve or die of thirst. The volunteers sent to reporters a few photographs of the scene, a two national key protected wild animal into a corner of the east? Dry corpse, only scattered left signs of struggle on the Internet with only a feather; feathers shine turquoise blue named Kingfisher gorgeous no longer, one claw is a cable the knot leads the body upside down. A lot of birds online wrapped around the deformation of the migratory bird corpses, some bloody feathers can also identify too horrible to look at, some color. Look at the twisted corpse of a bird, you can imagine how they struggled相关的主题文章: