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Cooking-Tips Internet users in India are increasingly be.ing .fortable using this media for shopping. Surveys conducted by profit and non-profit organizations indicate that the growth of online shopping in India in 2011-2012 (128%) was much greater as .pared to 2010-2011 (40%). If this trend continues to grow, it will provide an opportunity for many people to sell their products on this platform. Although gadgets and booking tickets online are amongst the most popular things that consumers buy online, online grocery shopping is also slowly be.ing popular. This trend is expected to continue in the year 2013-2014 and in the years to .e. Surveys reveal that more than 90 percent people are motivated by the time saved in online shopping. This is more so with grocery shopping. Groceries are essential products, which no household can do without. However, for many, shopping for groceries be.es quite a task. Shopping for groceries online simplifies their task and saves their time. Many grocery shops offer fruits and vegetables along with the regular groceries. This is an added advantage where people can save their time shopping. However, for many people time would not be the only motivating factor; they love looking at the discount rates. They seem to check out the rates of the products they want to buy from more than one site before they proceed to place any product in their shopping cart. Another thing that people love about online shopping is that on every product is displayed very neatly for the consumers to look at. If they forget to add something to their list, the displayed products might remind them about what they might have missed. They might also be tempted to buy a new product available on a particular online store. This gives the look and feel of a real grocery store and shopping experience. The shopping trends of online shopping in India and in foreign countries are not the same. Most of the vendors selling their products online either have low rates of shipping or have charges for delivery. This is especially so for online grocery shopping. The main reason for this is that these vendors have to .pete with the local grocers who deliver all the goods to their customers free of cost. In most of the foreign countries, the shipping charges put off the consumers. The reason why online grocery shopping in Pune and other big cities is catching up amongst is that it offers convenience to the city dwellers; these are people who lead a very fast paced life. There are several advantages of online market, and both the consumers and sellers stand to gain from it in the time to .e. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: