What can a poor and beautiful man face in the world



I’d like to lie down on the operating table. The chest is open for others to see.

my good, my bad, my different, my vanity, my selfish, you can take a look.

we are all the same people, but the experience is not the same, my resentment, my pride, my untrue, I want to be great, you can come out to share with you.

when one summer, one day aunt bought a watermelon, we always put the watermelon into the wells, after sitting in the cold plate wells on the edge, waiting to be wells flooding and cool ice watermelon.

But the

uncle has changed in such a despicably common ordinary evening, let me a lifetime to remember that, that is full of hot air, looking forward to the watermelon in the evening, remember the water flows out of the crevice in the sound. Because, that day, father and mother divorced.

divorce is rare in our place. Children do not take me to play, bully me. So I feel very inferior.

when I was a kid, I wanted someone to come and help me. But no, not one. So I want to be strong.

because I grew up being bullied is large, for the weak, I have a natural want to help his feelings, as if I was helping a child of their own. When I was a kid, I wanted to be a superman. I thought it was a great thing when I needed someone.

‘s boyfriend went to look for an old car, 36000, the money is all our money. My mom, my stepfather borrowed money. The buy is a car, buy me began to repair, we had the dream is to borrow money to start making money, the old old repair repair. Since then we have plummeted. In our home when the purpose of the mother to the market to pick up those rotten dishes, she lost her hair, she cried in the room in the middle of the night.

for a while, my brother and I followed my father and stepmother. When he was 10 years old, my father opened a repair shop, a 10 year old child up on, can you imagine? Just as big as my son. Where he lives, there is a public telephone, usually someone to call, he can receive a little money. A year Spring Festival, my brother came to the mother’s home from the garage 3 stations, not willing to take a bus. One into the house, took some 00 pieces of money to the mother said: "Mom, brother and brother to buy meat."

vocational high school in Chongqing, while reading while working. It’s easy to find a job as a waitress in a nightclub. In particular, the envy of people singing on the stage, singing a few songs to go, high income, time is short, does not affect learning. I want to learn to sing;