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Home-Securtiy Depending on the state in which you live, the requirements for lights police vehicles need or use is different. For example in the State of Connecticut the following is required for an "Authorized emergency vehicle" means a police vehicle equipped with operable emergency equipment, including audible siren and red or blue flashing lights, while such vehicle is being operated by a police officer. However, in the state of Maine, emergency equipment on police vehicles is limited to Flickering, blinking, or alternating emergency lights and a siren, whistle or air horn designed to give intermittent signals automatically. There are no hard and fast rules about what lights police use or need, but all police departments are be.ing more aware of the need for discretion and sometimes with lights police use, less is definitely more. Excessive speed and unnecessary lights and sirens do not need to be used. Police departments need their officers to carry out their duties with an eye on their own and public safety. There are many state police websites you can look at to get general information on policing in your area, and there are often interesting facts about the vehicles and the lights police use on their vehicles. Public safety is paramount to any police officer and whilst carrying out their duties they need only employ the basic emergency light or siren at times when they are attending an emergency. Most police departments expect their personnel to operate any official vehicle with due regard for safety of all persons. This even applies with emergency situations. No task, call or incident justifies disregard of public safety, and that is stated on documentation for Maine police department. We do expect an exemplary level of driving expertise from our law enforcement officers and that does include not having lights police departments use engaged without due reason. Of course when any officer is responding to an emergency the siren and lights police use need to be engaged to warn of their approach and that there is possible stationary vehicles up ahead. Under no circumstances should lights police use be engaged for no apparent reason. Do be aware of the police lights and sirens, as they could very well help save your life one day. As all states differ in the requirement for lights their various law enforcement teams use, there is a huge variety of lights on the market. LED lighting is popular due to its low battery drainage and excellent lifespan. Strobe lighting is still used on vehicles and its 360-degree coverage and visibility advantage its no wonder. There are modern LED strobe lights on the market and these do give superior light and make a vehicle visible from a great distance. lights police use are necessary but they should not be used on every occasion, likewise, each state will specify different light and siren usage so there is no one single standard. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: