What are the factors related with head height

factors affecting children’s height, can be divided into two categories of congenital and acquired environment, of which about 60% depends on genetic factors, depending on the environmental factors of 40%. Adequate nutrition, adequate sleep and active physical exercise can promote children’s potential.

adequate nutrition

nutrition is the material basis of the child’s body grow taller, the three major nutrients are protein, calcium, vitamin D.

protein: Children’s growth and development of the best building materials". Compared with adults, children need not only a lot of protein, quality is better. Experts suggest that children need to have 50% protein from animal food, such as meat, egg, milk and poultry meat. Soy protein rich lysine rich in lysine, should eat more. Attention should also be paid to legumes, cereals and animal foods to improve the nutritional value of protein.

calcium: is an important constituent of bone material, calcium intake will affect the growth of bone. 4~10 years old children need 800 milligrams of calcium a day, at the age of 11 milligrams per day of need of 1000 mg. Milk is the best source of calcium. Drink 1~2 cups of milk every day, often eat beans and their products, coupled with the diet of meat, vegetables, fruits, can basically meet the needs of children calcium.

vitamin D: the main role is to promote the absorption of calcium and phosphorus, promote bone formation and bone mineralization, bone growth. Vitamin D deficiency rickets, will affect the child’s height. Vitamin D found in fish and animal liver, eggs. Outdoor activities, the sun can make the skin 7- dehydrogenation of cholesterol into vitamin D3, vitamin D to improve the nutritional status of children is very important.

adequate sleep

children’s growth is mainly completed in sleep, and each year in May the fastest growing. Human growth hormone secretion is regular, after 1 hours of sleep began to rise, 2~4 hours to reach the peak. At 10 to 1 in the evening is the peak of growth hormone secretion, but also the body of the dead cells and the most active exchange of new cells. If you miss this sleep time, is bound to have a negative impact on the child’s growth and development, even after the addition of sleep, can not make up for. Some scholars reported that more than 1/10 of primary school students and 1/3 students are suffering from the lack of sleep hidden injury. Teachers and parents should pay attention to this problem, to guide children to arrange a reasonable schedule, to avoid lack of sleep.

sports help grow taller

children can choose according to their interests, easy to do and easy to adhere to the sport.

1 aerobic exercise: swimming, brisk walking, cycling, ball games, skating and other aerobic exercise, through the large muscle groups involved in rhythmic repetitive movement, plus