West 18 ring road construction on a total length of 8900 meters and Guangyuan Avenue.

West 18 ring road construction on a total length of 8900 meters and Guangyuan Avenue connected renderings

as Ningbo "four vertical and five horizontal" fast road network plays an important role in the "horizontal" Ring Road extension project will be held tomorrow (18 days) officially launched.


extension project a total length of 8900 meters, the standard road width of 50 meters, width 25.5 meters long road standard, a total investment of about 4 billion 50 million. The east from the west to the airport road viaduct, Yongjin expressway connecting line (Qiushi Road), and then along the Ningbo connecting line all the way to the north, and the construction of the Guangyuan Avenue.

all over the use of the main line elevated + ground auxiliary road, up and down two-way 6 lane. Which show Fung Road to Shanxi section of about 660 meters long road, has been built by the use of track one line light rail control, switch to "U" trough tunnel across the Zhongshan road.

The secondary

launched the construction of "Ring Road West (Xue road – Airport Road) project, road length of 1400 meters, two floors on the road elevation of about 11 meters, from west to east across the road, three road, Xue planning and a leap River, connected with the airport road elevated status diving platform. This section of the project duration of 720 days.

in accordance with the administrative divisions and urban planning to expand to the west, this "horizontal" will drive the development of the western and Northern Ningbo. Fast road network center city is gradually perfect, also can affect the layout of the surrounding ring shot, strengthen Ji Shi Port Zone, Gaoqiao area, Yao River area and the urban core link.

four horizontal and five vertical fast road network refers to what:

"four horizontal" from north to South: North Waihuanlu, thoroughfare Road, ring road, Yinzhou avenue.

"five vertical" from west to East: Ningbo connection line – Guangyuan Road, Airport Road, Guangde Road, Kowloon Lake Lake Avenue, Century Avenue, East Ring Road – hai.