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Marriage-Wedding Most girls have dreamed about their wedding day since they were little. The dress, the cake, the venue, the decor, and of course the colors. Most brides tend to go with their favorite color while others prefer to use a color that will go with season, and other brides will lean towards fashion and chose the on-trend color. Whatever the case might be, as stated color is a big part of your wedding. It will determine many of your decision such as lines, favors, bridesmaid dresses, invitation cards and yes! Some people might chose a color for their wedding without realizing what kind of flowers will match their decoration. This article will serve you of great advice when deciding what color and what kind of wedding flowers you might want to chose. For blue wedding flowers, hydrangeas, orchids, delphiniums, and tinted blue roses. Blue flowers mix well with white flowers, lavender, purple and some greens. Using white wedding flowers is always classic and elegant never off-trend. When choosing all white as your color, your flower choices will be wide and open. Starting with the classical and beautiful white rose, hydrangeas, stephanotis, gerberas, ranunculus, spray roses, gardenias, lilies, calla lilies, orchids, and anemones. The flowers mention above are the most popular ones for weddings. White flowers mix well with most colors, but when mixed with green are absolutely beautiful. For purple wedding flowers the most commonly used are anemones, orchids, gerberas, iris, calla lilies, dahlias, lavender roses, gladiolus, hyacinth, hydrangeas, and tulips. Purple or lavender flowers mix well with blues, whites, greens and some of them mix well with pinks and yellows. For red wedding flowers that scream love there are also several options, of course bright red roses everything from the standard red rose to several varieties of garden roses will suite your wedding. Anemones, tulips, orchids, dahlias, gerberas, lilies, and ranunculus. Red flowers mix well with white, orange, yellow and greens. For pink wedding flowers once again roses are the winner with tons of varieties and shades. By using roses you will be able to use a wide color pallet. Nevertheless, there are other very famous flowers to be used when taking about pinks. Dahlias, ranunculus, orchid, anemones, peonies, hydrangea, mums, gerberas, oriental lilies, snapdragons and much more. Pink flowers mix well with whites, greens, depending on the occasion yellow, purple, and greens. The colors mention above are just a few of the colors that you can use for your wholesale flowers but some of the most popular and on- trend. If you happen to be a risk taker do not hesitate on mixing a lot of color, however if you prefer to be more on the safe side commit to one color and follow the pallet. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: