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Web-Hosting Most Web Hosting India .panies are famous for their hosting packages besides other value added services like Cheap Domain Name Registration, SEO Marketing and Website Designing etc. The Web Hosting .pany India offers Secure Socket Layer Certification better known as SSL Certification to ensure the transactions facilitated by you between web browsers and servers are approved and verified. The protocol involves a Third Party Certificate Authority to identify one end or for that matter both ends of the transactions. SSL begins with the browser requesting for a secure page followed by the web server sending its public key with its certificate. The browser checks that certificate to verify whether it has been issued by a trusted party and also checks for its validity. The browser then uses the key to encrypt a random symmetric encryption key sending it to the server with the URL required as well as other encrypted data. The server decrypts the symmetric encryption key using its private key and uses the symmetric key to decrypt the URL after which the server sends back the requested HTML Document and http data encrypted with the symmetric key. The browser finally decrypts http data and html document using the symmetric key and displays all the necessary information. The Web Hosting .pany helps out with SSL Certification as the certificate is an authentication of sorts that verifies the person you happen to deal with is the right person or the right website indeed. The certificate loaded in the browser is always a good sign which helps confirm the veracity of the end user. What is the importance of the SSL Certification that Web Hosting India .panies are so often chased for this service? The certificate contains information about the owner of the certification and all relevant details such as his e-mail address, owners name, certificate usage, duration of its validity, resource location or distinguished name which includes .mon name and the certificate ID of the concerned person. The SSL Certification issued by a web hosting .pany also contains the public key and finally a hash that ensures the certificate has not been tampered with. Web Hosting India .panies are known better for their Payment Gateway Services which involve Leading Payment Gateways Integration which facilitates .plete payment solutions. These .panies are hired for this service because of their ability to offer Zero Downtime where all one does is register and begins utilizing the services most of these major gateways offer at almost negligible costs. These services offered by the hosting .panies help gain that profit edge and are the only service leaving one with enough time to focus on core issues like new business initiatives and .petitive marketing strategies. Hence, the .panies make for a wise hire with their multitude of services in the offing. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: