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Wardrobe stuffed too full? It is time to tidy up?? sometimes I think there is only one home wardrobe is not enough, not only increase the clothes one day sooner or later will put the wardrobe packed. However, under the premise of constant wardrobe capacity, how to maximize the use and collation is the first priority. Today, we’ll talk about the closet. ? pants don’t look like clothes. They’re easy to change with a hanger. You can buy the trousers rack special, also can be like, with your trousers hook clip clip, a hanging rod can be linked to several. Want to make the most effective use of the drawer in the closet, only a few partitions, the drawer into small. Underwear on the inside is very neat, clear, not afraid to mess the drawer. ?? How in the limited space under the wardrobe more clothes? You can try this multi-layer hanger. The clothes hanging Cuoceng can save a lot of that extra space. This small circle is very cheap, you can buy a few hanging on the clothes rack, when your scarf to wrap together, so it will be more convenient storage. ?? With a hanging rod in the closet door, to receive trinkets such as tie with small hanging ring. ?? Buy a few storage box, drawer type, you can put your own clothes to be arranged stacked, is hung on the hanging rod capacity is greater. Wardrobe door can also be hung bag. Classification is very important! The most afraid of is the closet too many things too miscellaneous too full, looking for clothes can not find. This is the role of the box. Finally, an interesting ~ remember the supermarket to sell eggs when used in the kind of egg slot it? Can also be placed in the drawer jewelry! Did not expect it!相关的主题文章: