Wang Zhifei recommended live real life masterpiece aspect (video)

Wang Zhifei recommended "live" real life work aspect _08 > housing; > > click on the watch "live" video Tencent, Tencent entertainment news recently, Wang Zhifei guest "Star" recommended the backstage footage of the exposure, are recommended in the CCTV hit TV series "live". The film tells the story of the drama 844000, since the broadcast has fueled controversy, Wang Zhifei expressed confidence on the. Two years later, Wang Zhifei once again came to the "recommended" star, a light blue suit refined and cultured as in the past. Wang Zhifei easily introduced its starred in the TV series "live", and in the background for the fans carefully prepared signature photos. In fact, today although the relocation, demolition has been a hot topic in people, but a direct description of 844000 drama is not much. Wang Zhifei expressed confidence that with a tearful smile, a lot of things. In the play, Wang Zhifei as one of the many group 844000 team leader, led the team to constantly explore, constantly thinking of ways to make the relocation, each member of the attachment makes the team. The netizen said Wang Zhifei questioned: "the true story of the story, is true in real life."相关的主题文章: