Wan Jin Goddess 9.13 OPEC monthly sentenced to death, the crude oil low range short counterattack barcarolle

Wan Jin Goddess: 9.13 OPEC monthly sentenced to death, the crude oil low range short counterattack Sina fund exposure: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! The creation tendency is great, since we can not create the trend, it must choose to comply with the trend, since must conform to the trend, at least to know any trend, a trend of market, once opened, will not end in a very short time, so as to confirm the trend, will have the opportunity to fully play, like after low stage of the formation of single layout trend is very easy to success, and this is I always advocate the trend value of transactions, the trading opportunities may have one or two times a month, but the one or two year old enough to change your trading results, a person can do great things, be able to endure lonely, the so-called 10 years grinding sword, does it pours, and I in the spot market after years of efforts, in the future I will lead some high-quality funds focus on the value of the transaction, It’s time to sell. Review: IEA monthly report released at noon: OPEC crude oil production in August rose 930 thousand barrels to 33 million 470 thousand barrels per day in August, the global supply of crude oil fell 300 thousand barrels per day to 96 million 900 thousand barrels a day, a record high of OPEC output offset non OPEC output is expected to decline, weak in the third quarter, the fourth quarter Chinese crude oil demand will rise 2.4[%] the growth rate of 275 thousand barrels per day. Prior to the first half of 2017, the global oil market will remain in excess supply status. The oil market is active, the original oil prices yesterday, most of the time low pressure shock, and beauty in the oil pan once fell $45 on Friday, continued weak trend, due to market expectations of U.S. crude oil inventories due to bad weather after the sharp drop this week will be recorded in a big increase, but the evening news that the U.S. Cushing crude oil stocks fell, and by short covering, so prices rebounded sharply from the lows, regained days earlier and recorded a rise. The United States presidential election approaching, the market volatility increased again, closely related with the gold and silver in this case will be a new trend, the end result of frozen production agreement also will be announced at the end of the month, we need to pay close attention to. Crude oil market analysis market review, the Asia Europe plate sideways, not what happened, a new bottom line 44.70 times. The United States to maintain the low point of the night, and supported by the news rally rally. And stand 45.6. The formation of a wave of counter attack, regain international trend, U.S. crude oil from the four hour chart, shoulders bottom W trend has been completed, if today again bottom, is likely to complete the second W trend, K line operating in boll band track, Bollinger Bands shut and upward divergence, MACD Sicha down, long energy continued to weaken, and the formation of MACD trend, the overall gold Wan think today look to win short-term, empty single profit, high short after the callback on the line, yesterday evening a friend of empty single also do not worry, now the overall trend is bearish, requires a certain amount of money go to the toilet on the right. The point to fill on相关的主题文章: