Virtual operators to bid farewell to barbaric growth


the ministry before the announcement to recover the telecommunications network resource code multiple units, including 2 virtual operators, virtual operators once again become the focus of public opinion supervision. At present, private capital into the mobile communication industry for 3 years, virtual operators will be the pilot to obtain a formal license, virtual operators industry will usher in the inevitable "reshuffle", and in the process of gradually moving toward a rational and orderly development.

virtual operators pilot scale has been formed. In early 2013, the Ministry issued a mobile communications resale business pilot program, by the end of 2013 to start the issuance of licenses, there have been 5 batches of 42 private enterprises to obtain temporary mobile resale license. Currently, the mobile resale business has more than 40 million users, the number of users more than one million large virtual operators have exceeded 10. Since the birth of virtual operators, they have combined with their original business, launched a unique, meet the needs of the market segments, increasing the user’s consumption choices. More importantly, the emergence of virtual operators has brought catfish effect, introducing competition mechanism is important for the telecommunications market, forced traditional telecom operators to improve products and services, reduce the cost, traffic is not cleared, roaming charges and other business gradually realize, users get the benefits. It should be said, to allow and encourage private capital to enter the telecommunications field, promote the implementation of the telecommunications industry competition policy to a great extent.

3 year pilot, 40 million users, shows the enthusiasm of private capital investment in Telecom domain, also reflected the concern of users in the business of virtual operators. But as both sides of the coin, in recent years, the virtual operator’s section fraud cases, and some virtual operators in marketing, management is not standardized and even the existence of illegal behavior inseparable, such as the disclosure of personal information, phone real name registration flood lax and other issues. This "barbaric" has been regulatory departments and users are concerned, at present, the supervision departments of supervision for virtual operators is a step by step increase, users of virtual operators service and goodwill have also produced a lot of doubt. In this dual role, there must be a part of the virtual operators will be eliminated in the market supervision card or by the user to abandon.

regardless of the cost to seize the user’s operating mode, but also makes it difficult for virtual operators to achieve profitability. Especially in recent years, the tariff level of China’s basic telecommunications companies have decreased substantially, virtual operators rely on price war in "zero upside down" situation, unable to gain a competitive advantage, it will be more profitable in a hopeless situation, and lose the support of sustainable development and to be eliminated, can survive it is in line with the characteristics of market segments, the product and service features, a few enterprises and a clear profit model. And the survival of the fittest in the mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore, regulate market competition in the telecommunications era, temporarily left the virtual operators also need to strengthen product innovation, service innovation and self-discipline, to an invincible position in the market