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Viewing and gaming industry, intelligent video glasses can really open the door? Nader is a science and technology – Sohu recently released new optical GOOVIS-G1 message into the bell field, according to the official statement, "this new way of viewing the definition of high quality". This is reminiscent of virtual reality (VR), now the very influential newspaper article written film, games, Internet and other Domain company banner, more and more small and medium-sized entrepreneurs is fought, even VR are the first significant has been divided into two types of VR glasses, intelligent video glasses, the former such as OCULUS, HTC, storm mirror so, the latter GOOVIS, hi mirror, soft, cancer etc.. The game and film has become a hotly contested spot. So, who can grasp the golden key to open the door? Before answering this question, let’s start with two questions. The first problem: the new era of VR, and why the game viewing has become the two bridgehead? The reason is actually very simple. 1, VR equipment from division of form into the era of functional distinction, game viewing has become the core functions of the current VR is still the first significant according to the form is divided into VR mobile machine, PC VR machine, VR box (CardBoard), which is made of new products, market cultivation to new users try to listen to, in order to distinguish between price and quality, such as the mobile phone in the early stages of development, divided into straight, slide and flip and sliding cover etc.. But then, the consumer is no longer a fresh figure, but to meet a certain need, so the functional expression is an important sign of a mature market, such as the present mobile phone market, business machine, hit the big screen and the safety of the main performance and game entertainment machine, the main camera and music of aircraft. The VR head is also, will be derived from the function of medical, viewing, games, automotive research and development and other types of VR, no doubt viewing, gaming VR devices will become the most popular features. 2, the contradiction between supply and demand is more and more obvious stimulation, game viewing has become the core position of VR development on the one hand this is entertainment demand growing, Mobile Games, the film industry in recent years the leapfrog development is an example; on the other hand is the quality of video games, VR content is too small, the contradiction between supply and demand great. Because the VR game development is difficult, the market is difficult to have a consumer satisfaction with complete VR game works, and in the VR video, because there are a lot of controversy in the industry, technology and equipment shooting shooting angle, the program, at present people can enjoy the video is still 2D 3D the traditional film and a few fragments of VR or demo. So the contents of the shortage, coupled with rigid interaction experience, rough, and even some erotic reminder of game viewing has become two attractive fragrant steamed bun (pain point needs more deep, more clear). Then the second question. The attack, why not VR glasses, but intelligent video glasses? Here you need to look at science, although it is the use of the head near eye display, VR glasses and smart glasses or a big difference. For example: 1, immersive VS cinema VR glasses, etc.相关的主题文章: