Verify your identity with brain waves

researchers have proposed a new identification technology, scanning the brain, analysis of brain waves, determine the user’s emotional and mental health status, decide whether to allow him or her to use certain systems or applications.

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Digital Trends website reported that the researchers propose a new biometric authentication method, analysis of a person’s brain waves, the emotional and psychological health status, and then decide whether to let him (she) the use of devices or applications.

Romania Alexandru Ivan kuza (Alexandru Ioan Cuza University) University scientist Violeta Tour Jose Nur (Violeta Tulceanu), the paper explains she and colleagues in the neural activity corresponding to different emotions, psychological health and neural activity — the barometer, can be used to research the identity authentication.

in the experiment, researchers use different sounds to stimulate the human brain. In theory, the brain waves reflect the psychological state of the testers. The initial scan of the brain was used as an emotional fingerprint". This data is stored and compared with future brain waves to detect possible changes, and then determine whether to allow users to use a system or software. The researchers also hope that these data can be used to predict future behavior patterns.

Digital Trends said, according to Tour Jose Nur said, in this way to understand the brain helps to judge a person’s emotions. Some of the practical uses include the physical security system that prevents some people from entering a building, or the first to analyze a person’s mental state, and then decide whether or not to use his or her financial or health information. In extreme cases, this method can be used to prevent psychologically unhealthy people from contacting with weapons or military equipment, or to ensure that a person is responsible for their actions.

the study is still in its early stages, so don’t expect people to scan their brains before using ATM in the short term.

this is another novel authentication method. With the password and PIN (personal identification code) increasingly unsafe and unreliable, fingerprints or iris is used as a means of identification. However, researchers are trying to identify innovative technologies, including the use of hair protein identification user identity.

Digital Trends said that the use of emotion as a means of identification is a relatively new idea. Another researcher, Dezhou Polytechnic University scientist Abdel Scher (Abdul Serwadda) operating in the study of brain waves as a means of identification.