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Venture capital people smile turned over: A and innovative high can buy? – although the asset allocation fund channel shortage continues to spread, the equity market is bleak, but the market still has the opportunity to make money in the market, a quiet, hierarchical A species are out of the wave of bull market with vigour and vitality. In the recorded data show that after the national grade A index strong rise, currently has nine Yang’s strong rising trend. The short term, the market funds of grade A inflow enthusiasm also increased, the last two trading days of hierarchical A net inflow share reached 29 thousand copies, 20 thousand and 500 copies, the total share of 80 billion copies of the A classification approach. The contrast in early February of this year, the total share of grade A only 51 billion 300 million copies, compared with the beginning of the low grade A share rose as high as 55.9% in the past six months, the extent sought staging of A varieties of funds remarkable. The world is a for profit, crazy influx of funds classification A market, the main reason is the classification of A varieties of relatively high income level and allocation of value under market interest rates down. The fact is that, from the performance of the major categories of assets, the overall performance of the classification of A species can be quite eye-catching. Collection of recorded data show that since the last half of the scale of A refers to the value of up to 11.93%, is still constantly innovating high. Anyway, no matter what you say it is not a comprehensive premium, has begun to accumulate a certain amount of risk, and the level of A is rising all the way up ah, charm index soared, the influx of various funds crazy. This year, A grade varieties prices rose sharply, the main reason is the bond properties of grade A varieties in the role of liquidity in the market is very abundant, compared with bond assets, the current classification of A average implied yield is about 4.3%, and the current 2A+ credit debt yield only about 3%. In addition, compared to the configuration of A grade varieties can avoid the bond credit risk under the capital allocation mechanism for self-evident reasons classification of A. As for the National Day A grading index rose again in Shenzhen, a bond fund manager told reporters that the recent bond market performance is still good, in addition, National Day during the city’s hot new property regulation, increase the probability of funds in the market, for the big funds, grade A varieties configuration value once again highlighted in multiple factors to promote good classification, after the A index performance is worth looking forward to the nature. In fact, about 80% of A is the current holder of classification of insurance, brokerage and other institutional investors, these funds hold the main purpose of A is to obtain the annual grade fixed coupon funds, strong stability, and that the fund manager in the long term, although early have accumulated large gains, grade A varieties have been in full premium status A, but the classification of varieties of configuration value still exists. "In the short term, the current turnover of grade A has been shrinking, if from the perspective of risk avoidance, may be more suitable for some trading band to thickening of income, of course, on the basis of good bond Manniu, does not rule out the long held part of the classification of A, the variety of fund managers also told reporters. .相关的主题文章: